10 Questions to consider ask when selecting a Mobile Application Development Partner

In today’s competitive Mobile Application Development industry, it is wise for an individual/company that wants to get an application developed to be knowledgeable and prepared with the right types of questions to ask their developer when deciding which application development vendor to go with.

With years of experience in the Mobile Application Industry creating applications for devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, and Andriod to name a few; V-Soft Inc understands how important it is for a client to choose the right development partner. Knowing this importance, V-Soft has created 10 questions that every customer should consider asking their Mobile Application Development Partner before taking steps forward in developing the application that was envisioned.

Top 10 Questions Customers should consider asking their Mobile Application Development Partner:

1.    Company:

a.    General Company Information and description
b.    History- Number of years in the industry, Number of client, Number of employees as well as other offering
c.    Financial Stability
d.    Headquarters and Off-Site Offices

2.    Mobile Offering:

a.    What Mobile Application Development offering do you provide?
b.    Choosing an end-to-end mobile application development partner should be the aim considering all present and future business and mobile development requirements

3.    Technology:

a.    What Mobile Application Technical Expertise do you have? (Ask for project references to check and then grade the vendor)
b.    What Programming languages do you specialize in?
c.    Does your company do Web Services Integration?
d.    What is your company’s frameworks/architecture structure?
e.    Is your company capable of incorporating WiFi, Bluetooth capabilities into a mobile application?

4.    Resources:

a.    How big is your Mobile Application Development team?
b.    What Mobile Platforms do you specialize in?
c.    What is the team size per project?
d.    Does your company supply a User Interface and Quality Assurance Team?

5.    Project Development-Delivery Model:

a.    What project development-delivery model do you follow?
b.    Do you have an Offshore Team? Onshore Team?

6.    Application Development Model:

a.    What is your SDLC Model like?

7.    Pricing Model:

a.    What different pricing model options does your company offer?
b.    Are there any payments option?
c.    Competitive pricing options?

8.    Communication and Reporting Protocol:

a.    What communication and reporting protocol do you follow?
b.    If needed, could your company provide weekly meeting/daily reporting/monthly reporting?

9.    References:

a.    Can you provide a minimum of three customer references?
b.    Do you have any client satisfaction grade levels?
c.    Can you supply any case studies of previous projects?

10.    Legal:

a.    What legal procedures/securities do you follow/provide?
b.    Do you provide NDA and Project Contracts?
c.    What are your dispute resolution procedures?

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V-Soft helps customers improve functionality, reduce time to market, and improve quality while reducing costs by up to 60%. Highly focused on building long-term relationships with its customers, V-Soft builds teams around its customer’s domain knowledge; these teams work as extensions of customers’ organizations.

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