4 principles to make 2015 the best year for your mobile application 2015 and Mobile Apps Development - make your year best for mobile apps

 Focus on things that don’t change

Today technology changes faster than ever. Our mobile phones are outdated in a year.

The rate at which technology is evolving is way too fast and too difficult for developers to keep up with.

So if you want your mobile app to succeed you need to focus on the things that don’t change, things that will add value to your business 5 or even 10 years

So what you should focus on?

Focus on making your app faster, provide great experience, etc. Today most people are so focused on new technology which changes so rapidly.

So if a new social sites comes to the market and if you make it’s deep integration with your mobile app but what if the new social site disappears in few months?

Instead focus on making your app easy to use, it’s simplicity, and make it fast because one will wake up one day in the morning any say “I wish this app was slow”. No one will.

Focus on Process

It’s the process that makes you more effective and efficient. One organization that has done a great job at focusing on processes is Mcdonalds.

No matter where you go in the world you will get the same Burger at Macolads, how come?

How can they do that.

Try to give 10 people a recipe and give them the exact same material but at the end, they all will have 10 different dishes even after exact same instructions and dishes.

Now, look at Macdonals on the other hand. They have build processes to create the exact and sell burgers.

What you need to do is focus on creating a process to build mobile apps & marketing them so that you (or anyone you hire) can follow the steps in the process and create much better app next time and faster.

Be a media company & start sharing content

Internet has made an even playing field for everyone to start a media company with just few dollars and couple of hours.

You literally can create you own website and start sharing valuable content today.

So Why even bother about it ?

Well, the reason why you should start sharing content is to add value to potential users lives and business.

Content is the easiest way to add value to users business and you can do it yourself in couple of hours.

If you add a lot of value to their business then they will a lot more incline to buy from you when they are ready to buy it.

KissMetrisc, an analytics company, shares content on it’s blog and that’s their main way of marketing their product.

Basecamp, an online project management tool, not only shares content on their signalvnoise.com but they have also written 2 books.

They don’t spend a dime on advertising and generate millions of orders in revenue.

They have don’t it by creating great content and sharing it and letting it do the marketing for them.

You need to do the same stuff for your product. If your app is a photo editing app then start sharing the edited photos that were edited using your app.

Start sharing great content and build your audience and then all you will have to do is create good mobile app and let your audience know about it and good percentage of them will buy your product.

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Test your hypothesis

We all get those genius ideas from time to time that we believe will change the humanity as we know it.

But you need to test our hypothesis before you start building the actual mobile application.

Because the last thing you want is work on a mobile app for months only to figureout no one wants it in the first place.

How to test?

Well, it’s simple.

Create a simple page that looks like a mobile apps page and the message should be like – buy this revolutionary app for $19.99 and there should be an order button.

Once they click on the order button and enter their credit card information and finish the checkout you will show an error message saying “Sorry but the app is not ready yet but we will know as soon as it is and your card has not be charged”

By doing this what you get is a validation of your hypothesis that there is a market for your idea and they are willing to pay for it.

Once you have seen that people are willing to pay for it then you can start building mobile app.

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