Access the World on Your Hands – The Android

The android is an operating system based on a framework of the linux systems that was designed purposely for the touch screen devices such as the tablets and smart phones.

The operating system is referred as open source because it is open for viewing by the general public and  were developed to counter proprietary software’s owned by corporations.

Due to the open source nature of the android code, the software can and has been freely modified by programmers and intellectuals to develop various applications which are coded with the Java language.

The droid is the most widely used platform due it its cost effectiveness, light weight system and customizable for portable advanced devices and no need to develop the device from the scratch.

The original android systems were designed for smart phones and tablets but the use has expanded to include applications in devices such as cameras, televisions and even on computer games.

Uses of the Android

The current applications of the android phones and tablets amount to over 700,000 with over 25 million downloads recorded  in the Google play applications store. Apart from being a state of the art phone system, some of the most common applications include;

  • The android serves as a world class platform for applications creation as well as games available for the systems users.
  • Supported by Google play, publishing an application presents it to millions of potential users thereby promoting your business effectively. The Google play market place puts you in total control since you can publish applications whenever you want, to broad range of customers or even to a specified market.
  • It is equipped with the android apps development tools which offer a full Java IDE which has features to develop, debug, and package the applications.
  • The tablet is equipped with MP3 player for music lovers or for those in the music industry. Development of tunes is also incorporated with a music developer app that creates variety of tunes to fit your style.
  • As a video recorder as well as camera equipped with a high mega pixel lens therefore able to take good quality photos which can then be printed off by connecting to a colored printer.
  • Due to the inherent speed characteristics, it is a fast and efficient method to surf the internet as well as download videos and movies, books and even journals for your study.
  • Provides a single model for applications development, which can then be available to millions of users in a wide range of devices and phones.

Advantages over other technologies

The system has several advantages over other operating systems. These include;

  • Graphics can be done in the 2 dimensional and three dimensional
  • Has the ability to support multiple languages ,
  • Has a well developed web browser
  • Has the ability to support MP4, MPEG 4 and Even the MIDI formats.
  • Supports Video calling therefore can be used for video conferencing. To know more advantages about Android or other mobile platforms, kindly visit –


The development of the android has presented many opportunities for business development as well as for the entertainment industry. The portability and flexibility gives them a wide usability enabling the user to conduct their business everywhere. It therefore serves as a mobile office. While compared to other operating systems. It is more user friendly with ability to handle 2D and 3D, support of multiple languages as well as a world class web browser. This has made the android devices the most preferred.

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