Advantages of Cloud Computing

As our society advances into the world of wireless communication, capabilities and functionalities, we continue to see a rise in a new form of accessing and managing data called ‘Cloud’ Computing. Many individuals may not be fully aware of what cloud computing is and the benefits it serves but in this article, we will be taking a glance into the world of Cloud Computing and all the benefits a user can experience by using ‘Cloud’ Computing.

Cloud Computing is a new form of accessing data (applications, documents, music files, video files, pictures, and so forth) from anywhere in the world without the need of actually carrying the data with you thru the use of memory cards, hard drives or flash cards. The main advantage of such a technology is that it frees individuals from their desktop and allows them to access their data anywhere and anytime. By hosting everything on a ‘cloud’, users no longer have to worry about leaving home without having all their information accessible to them.

Advantages of ‘Cloud’ Computing:

  • Reduced Software Costs: In the past, most users had to purchase specific software programs, install it onto their computer and only then be able to have access to it. With Cloud Computing, users can now get the same access to software programs for a much lower cost (sometimes even free) and still perform the same functionalities that they would have if they were to purchase and install the software directly onto their computer. No longer will one have to keep their laptop on them at all times in order to use a specific application/software when they can go onto any computer and still get access to their specific application/software from the ‘cloud’.
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity: Unlike a hard-drive which often has a cap limit to the amount of storage/memory it can handle, Cloud computing virtually offers a limitless amount of storage/memory for its users. No longer will one have to worry about not having enough memory space to install a certain application or store a specific file when they can have access to an unlimited amount of space in the ‘cloud’.
  • Improved Performance: Since there is no longer a need to install programs/applications/software onto your computer, there will be more memory accessible for a computer to run smoothly and without any delays. The more space available on the computer, the more efficient a computer will run and ‘Cloud’ computing allows computers to run on the minimum memory needed to run a specific program/application/software.
  • Lower Computer Costs: There is no need to purchase a computer with high-processing power or a large amount of hard-drive space when a user decides to switch over to ‘cloud’ computing. Cloud computing eliminates the stress put on a computer when running a variety of programs for the simple fact that those programs are not installed on the computer in the first place. No longer will an individual have to worry about having enough processing power to run multiple applications smoothly or having enough memory space to support large amounts of files when they can simply go to their cloud and access everything they need from there. In fact, Cloud computing even eliminates the need for CD/DVD drives since no software programs need to be physically added onto the computer.
  • Increased Data Reliability: When dealing with desktop computing, if the hard-drive crashes or the computer is damaged in anyway, then chances are that a majority of the data on the computer will be lost with it. Cloud computing solves this issue by not storing any information/software on the computer in the first place. By having everything in the ‘cloud’, all of the information a user has on their computer will ultimately be put in a safe location at all times regardless of any physical damage that can happen to their computer or hardware within the computer.
  • Device Independence: Ultimately the largest advantage of cloud computing is the fact that users no longer need to be committed to a single computer or network. Cloud computing allows users to change computers/networks anywhere in the world and still have access to all of their information just as if they were on their own computer. In a world of mobility and wireless communication, this is where cloud computing truly shows its prime advantage to its users.

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