Airport Life – Mobile Application to Assist Travelers Receiving Outstanding Reviews

Mobile Application to Assist Travelers Receiving Outstanding Reviews

In the past few years, Mobile Applications have reached many different industries as companies are rushing aboard the mobile application bandwagon to ensure they are up-to-date with current technology and that their customers are able to be satisfied in real-time. One very popular mobile application which was recently released is a mobile app called Airport Life.

Airport Life is a mobile application that has generated more than 15,000 downloads in the last three months and that number is certainly expected to grow in the near future. The Airport Life mobile application was developed by a company located in Kansas City, Mo called Twentyseven Global and the reviews from many mobile application developers and mobile app “Experts” is that this company did an outstanding job in developing a quality mobile application.

The Airport Life mobile application is one which airport travelers can use when they are traveling or need specific flight information. This mobile application idea was originally created by a former airline pilot who had the idea of making airport travel as easy as possible for passengers; his goal was to create a mobile application which could provide a single place for all the information a passenger may need. After discussing his idea with a well-known mobile application firm, they decided to create the Airport Life mobile application with functionalities such as: the ability for a passenger to create a live itinerary of his/her trip including flight, car rental and hotel reservations. Additional features included in the mobile application were the ability for a user to receive instant updates on flight status, view airport information, terminal maps with a listing of shops and restaurants as well as track their parked car location.

This mobile application is a prime example of how much of an influence mobile apps are having on our daily lives and how helpful they can be to users. The mobile application industry is continuing to pick up momentum and many mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” believe this is only the beginning; one mobile application developer recently stated: “The Airport Life is a prime example of how a high quality well designed mobile application can assist individuals throughout the world and the fact that it was able to generate 15,000 downloads within three months once again shows the demand and need for such mobile applications”.

Many mobile application developers are predicting that The Airport Life mobile application has the potential to reach half a million downloads in the next few months and possibly even reach one million downloads within a year. The Mobile application development including iPhone application development is currently available for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace and there may be a possibility that it will expand to other platforms by android application development in the future.

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