Android the Leader in Mobile Gaming Applications

Android the Leader in Mobile Gaming Applications

Google’s Android Gaining Ground in Mobile Industry

Mobile Gaming Applications are starting to become one of the hottest commodities in various mobile application marketplaces as many mobile application developers are rushing to develop the next mobile gaming app that will become a top seller. Mobile gaming applications such as Angry Birds, Field Runner and MadChad have been downloaded by millions of individuals and the trend of mobile gaming applications is only expected to increase in the following year. Being able to play games remotely has always been a goal that gaming developers wanted to accomplish and the rise of mobile apps have given these developers the opportunity to develop games that can now be played on a mobile device with other individuals from around the world.

In response to the growing popularity and demand for mobile gaming applications, Google’s Android operating systems have positioned themselves as the clear and undisputed international leader when it comes to mobile gaming apps. A recent study revealed that Google’s Android now controls approximately 50% of the mobile gaming application market and a separate study shows that it seems to be rapidly gaining in popularity when compared to its rivals such as Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s Windows 7 Mobile Smartphone.

Google’s Android Smartphone device has been gaining popularity and demand since its release last year and mobile gaming apps are expected to be one of the main motivators for individuals wanting to purchase an Android Smartphone device compared to other devices on the market today such as the iPhone, Blackberry or Windows 7 Mobile. In fact, mobile application developers and “experts” predict that more Smartphone users will make their future mobile device an Android as opposed to any other brand or product.

To support this claim, a marketing research firm conducted a survey and the numbers revealed that 34% of individuals would pick an Android Smartphone device as their first option with 21% picking Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry trailing the group with only 12%. There can be a variety of reasons why individuals are leaning towards the Android Smartphone device but mobile gaming applications are definitely one of the primary reasons for the decision to go with the Android as opposed to other Smartphone devices.

Even with so much competition and favoritism with specific Smartphone devices, the good news for brands/companies looking to built a much larger customer base is that one quarter of all mobile users are not yet committed to any specific Smartphone device or operating system which opens the way for more opportunity for Smartphone and Mobile Application developers to succeed in the booming mobile industry. What the future holds for the mobile industry and mobile app developers are still unclear but they are heading in the right direction with the rise of mobile gaming applications now becoming one of the most popular commodities in mobile application marketplaces.