Apple Hits 25 Billion Download Milestone

Apple Hits 25 Billion Download Milestone – Mobile Application Industry Alive and Well

It is no surprise that the mobile application industry and the Smartphone industry has been picking up momentum and becoming one of the most rising industries in our present day and age. At the same time, what is alarming to many mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” is the rapid pace in which the mobile application industry is growing with each passing year. The rate that it is growing is at a pace that many mobile app developers are starting to worry if they have the resources needed to keep up with this fast-paced trend.

Since the formation of Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace in 2008, Apple has seen their mobile application downloads continue to grow (and even almost double) with each passing year. In fact, in March of 2012 (four years after the Apple iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace was introduced) Apple reached the 25 billion download milestone; something which has not been accomplished by any mobile application marketplace even not android application development marketplace thus far. To celebrate the groundbreaking milestone of 25 billion downloads; Apple awarded the individual who made the 25 billionth download a $10,000.00 gift card valid for any purchase on Apple’s iPhone Mobile Application Marketplace, App Store or Mac Store.

One mobile application “expert” did some research and learned that the Apple App Store took a little under two and a half years to reach 10 billion downloads and than the download rate shot up as it took less then 6 months for the Mobile Application Store to reach 15 billion downloads. Now with 25 billion downloads, the mobile application store experienced its last 10 billion downloads over a period of just eight months. At the rate that individuals are downloading mobile applications from Apple’s iPhone Application development Marketplace, Apple is on pace to hit about 15 billion downloads per year with the numbers expected to increase as the tread and popularity of mobile apps continue to grow.

Apple and their mobile application development marketplace is a prime example of how much demand there are for mobile application in our current day and age. At the same time, it is also a reminder that mobile application developers and mobile apps development firms must stay on top of the game with enough resources needed to handle the influx and demand for mobile applications or risk falling behind and even out of business. The future is certainly bright for the mobile application industry and the more downloads a specific mobile application store receives; the more momentum there will be carried into the future.

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