Apple Making New Announcements in September

Apple recently stated that it would be having a conference on September 10th 2013 to announce the release of new products in Apple’s line. Many Smartphone and mobile application developers believe that Apple is planning on announcing two new major devices onto the customer market; the first one being a cheaper iPhone5 which maybe known as the iPhone 5C and the other is a newly improved iPhone 5 which may have finger print sensors which will serve as the unlocking function on the Smartphone device. While Apple has yet to make any announcements on what exactly they are going to be revealing on the September 10th conference, many insiders are pretty confident that it will be new iPhones that are set to make their introduction into the Apple family.

After speaking to a variety of mobile application developers, mobile application “experts” and mobile application development firms, the consensus seems to be that most (if not all) mobile application developers and mobile application development firms are thrilled and excited about the potential announcement of new iPhone(s) into the customer marketplace. If Apple does release a low-cost iPhone then more individuals from around the world will be able to afford one of the most popular Smartphone in the market and that will also increase the number of mobile application downloads from Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace given the increased number of iPhone users. In addition to the potential for higher iPhone Smartphone sales, the introduction of fingerprint sensor technology has the potential to unlock a variety of new functionalities within Smartphones and Mobile Applications that were not available in the past.

V-Soft, Inc, a mobile application development firm based in San Jose, California recently interviewed a group of mobile application developers regarding Apple’s latest announcement and the feedback received from one of the mobile app developers regarding mobile applications and new iPhones were the following:

“As a mobile application developer, I am thrilled to hear the statement that Apple is holding a conference in September to make some new announcements. My entire mobile application development team and mobile app development firm are eagerly waiting to hear what new hardware, software, API’s Apple plans on announcing during their conference and see the next level where we can take mobile applications. The mobile application industry has been growing each year and one of the main reasons why mobile applications continue to evolve and remain successful is due to the introduction of new Smartphones in the wireless market which continuously have new functions/features that mobile application developers and mobile application development firms are able to utilize in their mobile application to enhance the ability of what mobile applications can do and what mobile applications cannot do. As Smartphones evolve, so do mobile applications and the entire wireless and mobile app industry is continuing to head in the right direction without losing any steam” Visit – to learn more about iPhone Application Development.

It is clear to see that the Smartphone industry and the mobile application industry go hand in hand with each other and the success of one depends on the success of the other. Without newly introduced Smartphones, mobile applications cannot and will not continue to evolve and progress and without new mobile applications, the Smartphone industry will not be as successful as it is today. One of the primary reasons individuals purchase Smartphones is due to the large number of mobile applications for individuals to utilize and while Smartphones have a lot of other features besides mobile apps, it is pretty clear that one of the biggest reasons for Smartphone success has been due to mobile applications and the impact they have been able to have on people’s lives.


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