Application & Game Development in iPhone

Mobile applications are developed for devices with lower power usually handheld such as PDAs, mobile phones and enterprise digital assistants. These applications can be installed by the phone manufacturers or can be downloaded by their customers from different platforms available on the internet.

Mobile application development therefore can be defined as the whole process involved in the creation of this application software. Application development for iPhone has grown tremendously over the last two years. Apple recorded over one billion downloads in a span of nine months. The number doubled in four months.

Pros and cons of application development in iPhone.

Pros for iPhone Application Development

The iPhone SDK makes application development easier; it offers the mobile application developers many useful features, for making innovative programs. Developers can use this SDK to develop three types of apps i.e. for the iPod and iPhone touch, iPad applications and finally for the development of universal applications.

iPhone Application Development

The iPhone applications can also be used by businesses. The iPhone application store contains a lot of useful business applications .Application developers are creating customized applications that meet the requirements of their business clients. Additionally, mobile applications boost efficiency and the total revenue as it enhances communication within the business organization.

Cons for iPhone Application Development

Inflexibility: developing applications in iPhone suffers this major drawback mainly because you have to develop it in apples way. The IOS permits very little customization. If a developer wishes to do something outside the apples norms then they cannot do it.

Reduced productivity: the devices used by apple are limited in terms of the creation of information multi tasking is inhibited in this platform as such work related stuff like presentations are limited.

Hardware choices: you only get to choose between the iPhone or the iPad as far as Apple is concerned. If you have other specific features that You may want in terms of space and phone variety then unfortunately you cannot get that.

Pros and Cons of Game Development in iPhone

Pros for iPhone Game Development

Less learning time: the developer can program in Java or javascript are both which languages are easy to use.

A Rich asset store that provides developers the opportunity to buy scripts, and texture and tools to be used in the game development.

Native codes can also be integrated this code is more stable. Its great architecture helps in the reduction of errors. It can also be used for 2D and 3D game development.

Cons for iPhone Game Development

Huge game size: the final product usually exceeds 8MB this is the main disadvantage of game development in iPhone.

Latest market trends in types of applications and games in the iPhone

More features: The new iPhone application addresses the earlier weaknesses of the iPhone. Some of which include MMS, the cut and paste option that wasn’t there in the earlier versions as well as tethering. An additional mobile application features include parental control, peer to peer links.

More businesses are bringing in the functionality of smart phones for their mobile e employees as such customized mobile applications are becoming both a reality as well as a necessity

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The iPhone mobile application development industry is among the most dynamic and exciting in the Smartphone sector. It faces stiff competition from android blackberry and windows mobile but it still manages to enjoy huge profits and a significant market share as well as growing interest. The iPhone application store and the iPhone SDK are key factors in iPhone’s success as it provides plenty of support for developers.

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