Is “Cloud Music” the next revolution in music streaming?

Carphone Warehouse, a joint venture between Best Buy and Car Phone Warehouse of the UK, announced ( that on Tuesday, August 3rd, it will be releasing its newest revolutionary technology known as “Music Anywhere” which allows customers to have access to their music collections from anywhere in the world using their mobile device. This is another clear indicator that developers are now focusing more on going wireless and are becoming less dependent on hardware such as memory cards as a form of data transfer.

This raises the question among many prospective customers: Is this latest innovation of music streaming the new wave of digital music?

This will likely have an impact on well-known devices such as  Apple iPod which prides itself on its ability to store large amounts of music files on a small device. Now customers will be faced with the question to either pay “x” amount for an iPod which can hold up to 32g of music or pay a much cheaper monthly/yearly rate for a service which can store more music files than an Apple iPod and also be accessible from any handheld mobile device.

What the future holds for “Cloud Music” is still unclear but the ability to stream large amounts of music from anywhere in the world using a mobile device is a new revolution which certainly seems to be heading in the right direction.

Durga Sharma
Marketing Communications Manager
+1 (408) 342-1700