Bright Future for the Mobile Application Industry

Bright Future for the Mobile Application Industry

Mobile Application Marketplaces Experiencing Increase in Revenue

The Mobile Application industry is continuously growing and each year the industry is able to generate more and more revenue for Smartphone manufacturers, mobile application developers and mobile app consultants who are riding the momentum of the thriving mobile application industry. Reports have indicated that mobile application sales are up 77% this year and has generated close to $3.8 billion in one year, with these numbers only expected to rise higher in the upcoming years.

Apple is the leader in terms of revenue and popularity of mobile applications as they have generated close to $3 billion from their Apple iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace with Google’s Android Mobile App Marketplace firmly holding the number two spot with over $420 million in sales.

Apple has been able to take a solid lead in revenue and mobile application downloads primarily because of the popularity of the iPhone, iPad and iTouch but also due an increase in their mobile applications in-app based purchases, which include sales within paid apps such as additional bonus levels and various tools to enhance the player’s mobile gaming application experience. Apple also was delighted to see the solid contributions that their mobile casino applications had towards the overall sales figures and record breaking number of players who signed up to play mobile casino applications.

Mobile Application “experts” are predicting even higher growth rates for sales in Google’s Anroid mobile application marketplace and believe there is a chance that in turn will bring Apple’s mobile application marketplace market shre down to 60% by 2014. Android mobile application sales have already overtaken both Apple and RIM’s Blackberry in the American market.


RIM’s Blackberry Mobile App World is also showing a good amount of growth (of almost 70%) in the first quarter of 2011. At the same time, RIM’s market share is only third behind Apple and Android and revenue close to about $300 million in sales.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is also expected to grab a considerable amount of market share in the near future as they have experienced an increase in sales since the release of their new Windows Phone 7. Although Microsoft is expected to observe an increase in revenue and sales this year, many mobile application developers and mobile application “experts” agree that Microsoft is not yet a worthy competitor in the mobile Smartphone industry.

The overall future for the mobile application development industry as well as the Smartphone industry looks very appealing and many mobile application developers and mobile application development firms are expected to see the demand for their services increase a lot in the up coming years. Mobile application “experts” believe that the mobile app industry will reach $8 billion by 2014 and that figure expects to grow steady until at least the year 2019. Although there is no way to accurately predict that the future holds, the mobile application industry certainly has a bright future ahead of itself and we can expect to see a lot more emphasis put on mobile apps in upcoming years.

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