Companies Purchasing Mobile Applications & Mobile Application Development Firms

Mobile Applications are so popular and the demand for top selling/downloaded mobile apps is so large that the value a specific mobile app or mobile application development firm can have is astonishing. Just recently, one mobile application company named OMGPOP sold their company and popular mobile application for $200 million while another company sold their top selling mobile application – Instagram for $1 billion. These figures are off the charts and many mobile application developers as well as mobile application experts believe that this trend of companies selling themselves or specific mobile applications to other companies will certainly rise in the future.

The main reason why these mobile applications are being sold at such a high price is due to the high download rate and popularity of these games. Mobile applications that are used by a large number of people have the potential to generate a lot of money and companies want to get their hands on these mobile apps (under their own company name) before it is too late and the mobile application reaches a value which no one would want to sell. The companies which are buying these mobile application companies/specific mobile applications are seeing this as an investment where they will make much more in the long run compared to if they did not purchase the mobile application or mobile application development firm.

One mobile application developer was recently quoted stating: “It really blows my mind how much money is being thrown around for one mobile application! Never would I have thought that a mobile application like Instagram would sell for $1 billion! That is sure a lot of money for one mobile application! Esp considering that it probably cost far less to develop that mobile application. I guess that is further proof of where the mobile application industry is heading and how much demand there is for quality mobile application developers who can develop a mobile application which can change the world”

Many mobile application development “experts” and people who work at mobile app development companies do not believe this trend will slow down in the next few years and they all feel very optimistic and pleased in the direction their future is heading with mobile applications. The demand for mobile applications will certainly grow in the future and with the growing demand, there will also be growing value for mobile applications which users from all around download onto their Smartphone’s or Tablet devices.