Competition in the Mobile Application Industry Increases

The mobile application industry is growing at such an alarming rate and the competition is growing so intense that many mobile application development firms are experiencing content stealing issues from other mobile application development companies. It is believed that other mobile app companies will steal content from a superior mobile application development company in hopes to gain a competitive advantage. Unfortunately for these companies who are copying content/information, Google and other search engines can find when there is identical information on the internet and will report that information to the parties who have matching information. Due to the policing done by Google (and other search engines), many mobile application development companies are getting reported and banned from having their company website on Google.

One specific example can be seen with a leading mobile application development firm located in San Jose, California named V-Soft, Inc. V-Soft, Inc has been in business for over ten years and recently got a notification report that another company had identical content on their website as V-Soft, Inc did. The content on the competitors website had identical paragraphs as V-Soft, Inc but they simply replaced the V-Soft company name with their own companies name. Fortunately for V-Soft, Inc; Google reached out to V-Soft and informed them of another mobile application development firm who had identical information and V-Soft, Inc immediately contacted the competitor to inform them of the breach of content which was found.

Content stealing like this has been happening for a while now but has really started picking up within industries which are booming and have a high competition rate with each other. The mobile application development industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world right now and companies are doing everything they can to ensure they get a competitive advantage; even if it means stealing information from other companies. One mobile application developer from V-Soft, Inc recently stated: “I think it is nonsense that another company would try stealing our content and not expect to be caught…eventually. I understand that we are in the same mobile app industry and we are competing against each other to close business but there is no excuse for one company to steal information from another company”.

The best advice which can be given to companies who fear such content stealing issues from arising is to contact Google (or other search engines) and ask them directly if there is any content from a companies website which is being shown on another companies website. In a competitive industry such as the mobile application industry, it is only wise for companies to always keep their eyes open for issues like this from occurring. The mobile application industry is certainly heading in the right direction and as more competitors enter this booming industry, the high the chances of content stealing issues to potentially occur may arise.

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