Demand for Android Game Application Development is Raging Like Never Before

Popularity of Android mobile phones and gaming application demand

Mobile phones are today used for entertainment, in addition to calling and connecting to other people. Part of entertainment is playing games, and phones are suitable because these games can be played at any time from anywhere. This explains the increased need for mobile games application development. Based on statistics, Android continued to dominate the mobile device Operating System market with shipments going over 860, 000 and projected to reach close to 1.5 million in 2017. This has been fueled by increased demand for Smartphone. This explains the high demand for Android application development compared to other mobile application development. Part of the increased demand for mobile application development and mobile games application development is the increased need for phones that can support more features and capabilities to perform personal and business functions.

Features of Android Games development

All mobile application development targets solutions that have high performance, lesser response gaps and those that can support many tasks and ability for expansion. Besides, mobile application development gurus target bug-free solutions or solutions that have better bug-fixing ability. Mobile games application development targets optimized user experience by adding as many and interactive features, classy styles and scalability. Android mobile application development and android games development performs better than others because of the following.


the cost of android mobile games development and general android mobile app development is lower compared to other mobile games application development because android is an open source software usable by anyone.

High and better customizability:

it is possible to achieve game customization in terms of features and increase user experience because android application development and android mobile app development is based on Linux software.

Robust and consistency:

General android application development and android mobile app development is consistent, reliable, robust and has lesser redundancies because they rely on Linux kernel.

Fast and convenient:

unlike some mobile application development, android games mobile application development relies on the Java engine to access broad range of tools and techniques.

Better gaming experience:

it now supports 2D & 3D graphics to improve user experience.
Increasing demand for professional Android mobile game application developers

Increased demand for professional android mobile game application developers is obvious given the increased competition in mobile game application development in the mobile industry and the increased demand of Android phones. Talented and professional developers benefit a company by improving user experience through incorporating creative and interactive features. Besides, professional developers of android games mobile application development will be able to customize the application to suit various needs and create variable and fast running products and reliable gaming software. Android games mobile application development is also open to innovations and market changes if professionals are used, especially with coming of 3D, 4D and related innovations in gaming technology.


Android games mobile app development and general Android mobile app development is at a high demand, thanks to Android being the most used OS for mobile phones. It is robust, customizable, cheaper, fast in performance and offers more user experience and thus better than other application development. However, professional app developers for Android are needed in order to ensure that user experience is high; to achieve game variety, and ensure games are faster to play to beat competitors.

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