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eLearning with V-Soft

V-Soft’s eLearning division develops customizable learning solutions, through a blend of technology expertise and in-house innovation. We bring to life some of the the most sophisticated web and cloud based learning experiences, through tools and products that match global standards.

V-Soft collaborates with establishments across the academic spectrum – from schools and universities to online training portals and NGOs – helping them shape their streamline their eLearning programs and allied services.

V-Soft’s eLearning expertise also includes eBooks/eReaders, Virtual Learning Environments, Analytics and MOOCS, among others. These solutions are designed to cater to a variety of pedagogical preferences and sensibilities, and are reflective of the ever evolving dynamics of the education sector.

ReachOut Mobile Platform

ReachOut is a dynamic, tablet-based content delivery platform, developed by V-Soft. It comes with advanced data encryption and analytics features and facilitates a sophisticated flow of content. Highly flexible, ReachOut is designed to mobile-enable existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), and is empowering several educational institutions, LMS providers and corporate trainers. Read More about ReachOut Mobile Platform

The V-Soft Value Proposition

A Consultant’s Approach

We stand by you to facilitate the best combination of content and technology from the array of options the market offers.

Content Agnostic Policy

We encourage you to pick the academic content of your choice. It can be something you create or source from a knowledge partner.

Content Support and Ancillary Services

V-Soft can deploy collaborative resources for content development, as well as provide data conversion and digitization services.1

For more information about V-Soft’s Education & eLearning Services, please send us an email at info@v-softinc.com or click on Contact V-Soft.