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Our Alliances


School Districts and Universities

V-Soft is proud to have official collaboration with many reputed institutions in India that have several schools and (or) colleges within their purview, and our standardized solutions reach thousands of students.

We can devise a customized eLearning package, streamlined to cater to students across age groups, disciplines and geographical locations, to fit any education provider.

Knowledge Partners

V-Soft follows a content agnostic policy but can collaborate with reputed knowledge partners for mutual leverage. Their academic content can be infused into the eLearning solutions that we develop for our clientele.


V-Soft is always open to engaging in alliances with knowledge partners, educational foundations, NGOs and government. You are welcome to join the cause and contribute towards its success

For more information about V-Soft’s Education & eLearning Services, please send us an email at or click on Contact V-Soft.

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