Economy Benefitting from the Mobile Application Industry

Economy Benefitting from the Mobile Application Industry

It is no surprise that the economy in the United States as well as worldwide has been suffering greatly in the past few years. Despite the economic turmoil that is taking over the world, one bright spot which continues to grow brighter with each passing year is the mobile application industry. With the rise of Smartphone’s (Apple iPhone 4s, Google’s Android, Windows Mobile 7 and RIM’s Blackberry) as well as Tablet PCs (Apple iPad), there has been a tremendous demand and attention getting paid towards mobile apps development by mobile application developers like iPhone application development, Android application development etc.. Yes, consumers are certainly benefiting with the influx of mobile apps which are entering the marketplace everyday but the mobile application industry, Smartphone industry and wireless industry are also all benefiting greatly due to the demands from this industry.

Accordingly to the most recent study conducted, the Mobile Application industry has created approximately 466,000 jobs in the past 5 years – up from zero in 2007. The mobile app industry accounts for jobs that specialize in mobile application development firms, mobile application developers, mobile app experts and mobile software experts. Some mobile application industry “insiders” believe that the demand and rise of the mobile application marketplace at the incredible rate that it is growing as perhaps “one of the biggest economic and technological phenomenon today.” With over a million mobile applications that have already been created for the iPhone, iPad and Android alone, the mobile app industry does not seem to be slowing down at all with these treads expected to continue.

The mobile application industry is certainly heading in the right direction and mobile application developers and mobile app experts from around the world are benefiting greatly due to the demand and influx of mobile applications on the market today. It is impossible to predict the future but many mobile application “experts” firmly believe that the trend and demand for mobile applications will continue to grow for years to come.

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