Google Aims at Making Mobile Application Development More Profitable

Google Aims at Making Mobile Application Development More Profitable

Google Continues to Take Steps Forward for Mobile App Developers

The mobile application development industry has been growing each month as mobile application developer have been flooded with a variety of requests to develop the next big mobile application. Mobile applications are becoming one of the biggest “in” things lately just as the World Wide Web was a boom in the 90’s. At the same time, mobile application developers have been strategizing different ways where they can gain profits and revenues from their mobile applications. Fortunately for these mobile application developers and mobile application development firms, Google recently announced that their mobile application marketplace, known as the Android Market will now be supporting in-app billing for mobile applications.

This is great news for mobile application developers and mobile application development firms as now they have a way to continuously make revenue from their mobile apps compared to in the past where they would only make money for the development of the application. Mobile application developers now have the opportunity to not only make money from the initial development of the mobile application but also gain profits from their clients who wish to add on more features onto their base application.

In-App billing is a tactic which many mobile application developers and mobile application development firms have created where a client will have the opportunity to download and install their mobile app onto their Smartphone for free, or at a very low cost. The mobile application will have all of the basis features included in the app but in order for clients to receive more features, they will have to purchase them for a specific price. For example, an individual can download a mobile gaming application and have access to levels 1-5 in the mobile gaming application; but if the individual wants to complete the game and finish levels 6-10, he or she will have to purchase the remaining levels at a certain price.

Google and many mobile application developers were very pleased to hear the good news that the Google Mobile Application marketplace is allowing mobile apps to now have the in-pay purchasing functionality and they are confident that the demand/popularity for specific mobile applications will grow with more options now available to their clients. The ability to make mobile applications more profitable for mobile app developers and mobile application firms will be a major boom for the industry and many mobile application experts feel there will be more software developers who switch their focus towards mobile application development now that they see a way to make profits from their mobile applications.

The mobile application industry continues to evolve every day and with the evolution of mobile applications, there are also more and more individuals who are jumping aboard the mobile application bandwagon in hopes of striking it big. The future is certainly bright for the mobile application industry and the trend does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In-App purchases are the latest step in mobile apps and many mobile application developers and “Experts” believe that this is only the beginning stages of much more to come in the mobile application industry.