Google to Step up its Mobile Application Development

Google to Step up its Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Developers being recruited to assist Google

The mobile application landscape has become very competitive in the last year as companies such as Google and Microsoft are pushing heavily to keep pace with the leader in Mobile Applications – Apple. In attempts to stay competitive, Google recently announced that they plan to bring aboard a dozen mobile application developers to help create mobile applications for Smartphone’s and other wireless devices which compete against its rival –Apple. As competition picks up, many mobile application developers/experts are predicting heavy investments into the mobile application development sector of large corporations as they battle to keep up with the latest most popular technological movement since the World Wide Web.

Numerous sources from around the tech-world have been reporting that Google is actively recruiting software and mobile application development engineers, product managers, user interface experts and other with compelling ideas for mobile applications in attempts to beef up their current mobile application development team. Google is also going as far to transferring some top existing employees to the mobile application team ensuring that only the best are contributing to Google’s mobile application development strategy. Google is also being selective on the mobile applications they are developing as some of the mobile applications will only be able to be run on Google’s own Android operating system which Google hopes will spur consumer interest into Google as opposed to other Smartphone devices such as Apple’s iPhone or Windows Mobile 7.

Google’s hope is to create a variety of mobile applications ranging from mobile gaming applications to location-based mobile applications. Google’s project management director is leading the recruitment initiative and sources claim that Google’s pitch promises mobile application developers with a high degree of autonomy in tandem with the benefits of corporate backing.  Although Google has been making tremendous progress in the mobile application industry in the past year, they admit that they are still not happy with their sales of premium mobile applications across the Android market and that is what brought upon the mobile application recruitment initiative.

As we progress into the future and the mobile application industry continues to build up momentum, the number of mobile application developers is expected to rise and companies such as Google, Microsoft, RIM and Palm are all going to demand more invest be put into the mobile application sector of their company. Companies are starting to realize that the mobile application industry is one of the fastest most demanded industries today and they need to hop on the mobile application bandwagon now before it is too late.

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