How Long Until the Demand for Mobile Applications Die Down?

One question which recently came up during a discussion between a group of mobile application developers was: “How long until the demand for mobile applications will finally start to slow down and people no longer have a need for mobile apps?”. Right now, it is hard to imagine life with mobile applications because of its popularity and the fact that a large majority of companies are now hoping to bring their services wireless thru the use of mobile applications and Smartphones; but there will be a time eventually when the demand for mobile applications will start to slow down. Mobile Applications and the need for mobile application developers took the high-tech industry by storm with the introduction of the iPhone and Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application development Marketplace and it continued to pick up momentum as other major corporations such as Google, Microsoft and RIM also started introducing their own mobile application development marketplaces where individuals could access and download mobile applications.

Many mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” believe that the mobile application industry and the demand/need for mobile application developers will continue to grow and remain intact for at least the next 8 years to come (until the year 2020) but they also feel that it will be difficult to predict what will happen after that because of the rate that technology is advancing and the possibility that there can new technological advancements within 8 years which may not even require the need for mobile applications. Right now many mobile application developers and mobile application experts believe that it is safe to claim that the mobile application industry will remain strong for at least the next 8 years before it starts fading away.

One mobile application developers which we discussed this question to stated the following: “Right now it is very difficult for me to imagine not having a need for mobile applications; one of the main reasons why I cannot see the need for mobile applications not dying down anytime soon is because of the fact that mobile applications can really be used for any industry and the capabilities of mobile applications are endless. People can use mobile apps for gaming, mobile applications for finding where specific locations are, mobile applications for social networking, mobile apps for finding key information, mobile applications for purchasing items and the list is endless. As long as wireless devices such as Smartphones and Tablet PC’s are popular, the need for mobile applications will remain popular. It is hard to imagine using a Smartphone with a mobile application nowadays so back to my point, as long as people are using Wireless devices (such as Smartphones and Tablets), there will remain a need and demand for mobile applications.

As stated previously, it is impossible to predict what the future will hold but one thing which many mobile application “experts” remain confident in is the fact that the mobile application industry is heading in the right direction and there is a bright future ahead for mobile application developers, mobile app development companies and people who are interested in investing into development of mobile app of their own. It will be exciting to see the direction the mobile application industry heads in the next few years as there will be a lot of advancements in Smartphones and Tablets PCs which will enable mobile applications the ability to perform more functions and features which are not possible today. The future is bright for the mobile application industry and the individuals within the mobile app industry should feel confident and pleased to be part of such a booming industry.