Improve Your Mobile Phone Functionality with the Latest Mobile Application Software

Mobile application development is the process of developing software used by handheld devices such as mobile phones, ipads and other small devices.  Most smart phone applications are either inbuilt during the manufacturing process or downloaded and installed on the device by the user.  The developers use specific platforms to develop software which are later installed by users in their mobile devices to assist them perform certain functions.

Mobile Application Design and Development Environment

  • All mobile phone application development platforms provide an environment for witting, testing and simulating the apps.  Due to the rapid growth in the mobile applications market, many companies offer platforms through which applications can be developed.
  • These platforms provide standard and enhanced features which developers use. Most platforms are specifically designed for writing applications for a given device. For example, iOS a platform is used to develop Apps for iphone, ipad and ipod devices, adobe air is used to develop apps for android and blackberry while android is used to develop apps for android.
  • The development environment uses a distinctive programming language.  Some of the common programming languages used by most platforms are Java, HTML, visual basic, C++, Java script, CSS, objective-C and C.
  • The development environment also provides developers with simulators, debuggers and emulators.  Debuggers remove errors from the code while simulators and emulators are used to test the operational capabilities of the app. Some common emulators include blackberry simulator, Testiphone, SDK emulators and android emulator.
  • Most app development platforms use simple language (high level language) which assists developers in writing the code by simplifying the coding process.
  • Current app development environment also have back end cloud storage which allow developers to use cloud resources such as databases. The developer does not have to develop a database to maintain the app.


Accessing and Installing New Mobile Applications

  • Most mobile application development can be downloaded by users and installed on their devices from specific application stores available online.
  • Apps developed by Smartphone manufacturers such as blackberry and apple can be easily accessed from the company’s websites, downloaded and installed on the mobile phone.
  • Applications developed by third party must be compatible with the hardware and other features installed by the manufacture. The user must therefore check if his device is compatible with the application. App stores group applications based on compatibility with android, windows and iphone operating systems.

Mobile Application Developers

  • Smartphone companies such as apple and blackberry develop new apps and operating systems for their devices. These apps are regularly updated to improve their features and operations.
  • In addition, numerous applications are also developed by individuals and mobile application development companies who charge users for using their applications.


Mobile application development is rapidly growing business in the Smartphone market. Through this process, millions of software applications are developed and availed to the user.  Apps  are usually developed in platforms using specific programming language and other features that make the process of writing and testing program easy.

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