Increase Business Productivity and ROI With Android Application Development

Modern technology has resulted in a marked shift in our daily lifestyles. Today, for most people, the internet, mobiles, social networking and other new forms of technologies are shaping their lives. The dynamic world of technology keeps designing improved devices that make our lives easier faster and convenient. Technology has not only had an impact on our personal lives but has greatly impacted the business world. Currently, Smart phones and tablets are some of the trendy devices that are in the technological market.

A smart phone is as a mobile phone that is built on a mobile operating system (OS) with faster, better and more advanced computing and connectivity than the average phone. Some of the advanced features of the smart phone that makes it different from the typical mobile phone include: high speed data access provided by WiFi and high resolution touch screens. Examples of operating systems that run smart phones include Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, RIM’s blackberry, Apple’s IoS and Nokia’s Symbian. Smart phones combine the functions of the PDA with the mobile phone.
Tablets on the other hand are one piece mobile computers. Characterized by a touch screen and an on -screen virtual keyboard that is used for typing. They are larger than smart phones but they are used basically for the same purposes.

Innovative ways they can grow your business

More and more people are turning to their Smartphone to conduct business .Tablets and Smartphones are helping businesses connect to their customers faster. Research shows that people working with Smartphones record higher productivity. Business tasks performed include;

1 – Enhanced communication with business contacts:

these devices allow for sending emails, text messages and making video conference calls.

2 – Accessing customer’s data:

CRMs allow people to connect straight from their smart phones. You can receive customers order history or the customer’s background.

3 – Research:

you don’t have to sit behind your computer or laptop to do research anymore. You can find crucial tid bits of information even while on the road or seating behind your wheel.

4 – Keeping schedules and appointments:

most smart phones and tablets have applications that allow you to make appointments details about who to meet the date and the location.

5 – Social media accounts:

a lot of businesses have pages about their products and services on social media accounts. You can use these on your smart phone to update potential customers about any new developments in your company.

6 – Saving business contacts:

business people can have ready access to phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses well stored in your smart phone or tablet device.

Android-scope of platform for business growth

The scope of android applications that are used for business is very wide. Android has big collection of applications that are used to conduct business. Due to the increasing number of android users most businesses are finding the need to have their presence felt in the android platform as well. In today’s business world it’s essential to have apps that enable you to stay connected to business contacts and have access to business documents, and functionality on the go. For your business to thrive you need to explore the android channel with its massive business applications. For more details android application development,visit –

Some of the applications on the android platform for business include:

1 – DroidAnalytics:

this android application enables you to analyze data on your Smartphone. The application gives an intuitive way to look at analytics.

2 – Intuit Go Payment:

This application you can use your Smartphone to make payments at conferences and expos. It enables customers to sign a touch screen to authorize transcactions. This application can synch with Quick Books.

3 – Google maps:

this application enables you to share your location with others including your workers and clients. You check in to the place you’ve arrived to let others know you’ve arrived.

4 – Bar code scanner;

this is a straight scanner that handles both UPC and QR it enables you to share contacts bookmarks through the QR code.

5 – Expense manager:

this application enables business people to manage expenses. You can get weekly, monthly or annual expenses, you can also import account activities for the business.

6 – Unit convertor:

you can use this application to convert currencies if your business handles foreign currency.

Other applications n the android platform that come in handy in business activities include document reader, email on the go, handycalc for day to day calculations, wyse pocket cloud that allows you to access a remote computer and the ePDF reader .

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