Increased Number of Individuals Willing to Pay for Mobile Applications

As the mobile application industry continues to grow and evolve, a new emerging trend that seems to be taking place is the demand and popularity for individuals willing to download and install paid mobile applications as opposed to free mobile applications. The trend of individuals to now be more willing to pay for mobile applications is exciting mobile application developers and mobile app development firms as they now see the potential to make more revenue on their mobile applications.

In the past many individuals who would download mobile applications would always prefer to download the free version of a mobile app or tend to avoid paying for upgraded mobile applications (that would be “ad free”) primarily because they did not want to pay for a mobile application on their phone and did not feel it was worth spending “x” amount for a mobile app. But as the mobile application industry continues to evolve and more mobile applications are being introduced daily to various mobile application marketplaces such as the Google Play Mobile App Marketplace, Apple’s iOS mobile application Marketplace or REM Blackberry World Mobile Application Marketplace, individuals are now more specific and picky on the type of mobile applications they wish to download onto their smartphones and are willing to spend a small amount for a quality mobile application compared to downloading a free mobile application that may not have as high quality and performance as a free mobile application.

When speaking to a senior mobile application developer at V-Soft, Inc; a well-known mobile application development firm based out of California, the mobile application developer stated the following:

“We are thrilling with the change in the mobile application industry and the willingness for individuals to know pay for a mobile application as opposed to downloading free mobile applications. Not only do paid mobile applications have higher quality and less issues, paid mobile applications also can be ad-free so the user can experience the mobile app at its fullest potential without distractions from advertisements on the user-interface screen. As a mobile application developer working at a mobile app development firm, we are also very happy to see the increased number of paid mobile applications because that means that we have more potential to make profits and that drives our mobile application development team to work harder when they see the results (and profits) of developing a quality mobile application” .

The growth of the mobile application development industry continues to boom at a pace never imaged before and as the popularity of Smartphones continue to increase and more individuals start adopting to Smartphones as their primary mobile device, the demand for quality mobile applications are certainly expected to increase as well. Many mobile app developers often say “You get what you pay for” and that is starting to be very apparent in the mobile application industry as the ones who are willing to pay for mobile applications have a greater chance to have a quality mobile application on their smartphone device as opposed to the ones who would rather opt for a free mobile application that may not be of the highest quality. The mobile application industry has a bright future ahead and the fact the general public is now willing to invest in mobile apps is a great sign for things to come.

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