Integrating Android Applications to Business Growth Strategy

The Market Sentiment for the Android Applications

Android an unforgettable contribution by Google is the most preferred OS of all for Smartphone devices. This OS platform has become the first choice for majority of Smartphone consumers worldwide for its universality of open source. Hence, many application developers love to create and feel the ease of getting more and more innovative applications with this OS. The market popularity and usage seems to increase every year; hence, it is very easy to identify 1 among 5 Smartphone consumers working with Android. Google’s lenience in offering the convenience in customization is the key factor of several mobile related features is one of the greatest advantages that dragged it to popularity. Moreover, the inception of new versions, people could experience the ease of network access with all Google applications.

Current Trends and the Future for the Android Operating System

The flexibility and compatibility to create more user-friendly applications has taken Android to the peak level in preference. The more new versions are introduced, consumer expectations and usability range increases substantially. The reasons that favoured Android OS trend are,

  • Social applications and marketing stay the current trend in Android apps development. When it comes to Social networking, people would love to get in touch with their kith and kin to share important things right at the instant of experiencing.
  • Tweet, Video Chat, Facebook and many more applications were not possible in earlier Apple or iPhones; however, Android Tablets and Smartphone models have replaced the difficulties thus make it easier as much as possible.
  • The same applications are also applied widely for business development in terms of marketing products by creating web pages for mobile phones and the same is shared in popular social applications.

Importance of the Android to the Business Development

Business people find innumerable compatible applications from this popular OS which stay supportive in many aspects. Top applications exclusively created for business development such as,

  • GDocs- A free version allows the user to access documents, spread sheets, and PDF files online, download and edit the same.
  • Bump- It is a reliable app stays very helpful to exchange contact details between two mobile devices.
  • Google Voice is a free version supplied by Google helps the user to make cheap international calls from the exclusive number offered by Google.

Apart from that Droid Analytics for fast data analysis, Google Search for top search results, Google Maps, Barcode Scanner, Expense Manager, etc are some of the interesting apps which work very effectively for business.

Android Applications Critical to the Business

Considering the flexibility of integrating applications for business development, Android OS based mobile devices have plenty of compatibility features favours for reliable business development. Since, many user-friendly business apps are developed by Google and are available as free versions, people owning start-up business can rely upon this OS for to attain specific growth in their respective business. Hence, this platform is considered as more significant for business.


With a plethora of convenient apps developed over Android OS, integrating business strategy is no doubt an easy task with Android.


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