iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iOS8 Leads to Demand for more Mobile Application Development

With the release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iOS8, Mobile application development firms and mobile app developers have been receiving an enormous amount of requests from companies that now want to port their pre-existing mobile application from the Android platform to the iOS platforms. This is certainly good news for mobile application development firms and mobile application developers as they have more projects to work on, but at the same time some firms are facing difficulties because they do not have the resources or bandwidth to support the amount of requests that are coming in. As a result, many of these firms are now looking to hire additional mobile application developers to support their customers.

While some firms are struggling to find and hire quality mobile application developers, other firms such as V-Soft, Inc are experiencing a competitive advantage as they are already established with enough mobile application developers on board to take on projects as soon as they come in. With over 250 + employees on staff, V-Soft has been able to take in every incoming application development requests and start the projects in a timely manner. With so much demand, need and popularity in mobile applications, any advantage a mobile app development firm can have over another firm is critical. After speaking with a senior mobile application developer at V-Soft, he stated the following:

“We have been planning ahead (with the release of the new iPhones and iOS8 operating system) and ensured we had enough resources available that when Apple released their latest products/hardware that we would be able to take on the incoming demand for new mobile app development and mobile application porting. Every few years when Apple announces a new device or operating system, we tend to experience more requests for mobile app development so now we ensure we are prepared to take on all development projects when they come in. We except to develop and port numerous mobile applications in the upcoming months and we feel more than confident we are prepared to take on the demands” 

Many mobile application developers except the demand for mobile applications to continue to increase in the coming year and it will be the mobile application development firms who are best prepared to take on this influx of requests that will be able to truly succeed in this competitive industry.

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