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With app users becoming more demanding, the future is definitely challenging for mobile app developers. Let’s see how apps are getting more personal to handle it all

Do you know your mobile app users well? Well, as per a survey report that asked app makers and companies about how well they knew their customers, a whopping 94 percent replied confidently with a nod; “Oh yes, we do know about what they want.” Well, current trends in mobile application development have shown that users have little or no qualms about exchanging data with regards to who they are, what are their tastes and preferences, what would they do with some extra cash on their hand, where are they from, etc.

In fact, their desire for gaining access to functional app experiences and feasible app engagements is helping them go through a longer user lifecycle. So, what does future hold in store for app developers and their users? For one, it’s surely getting more personal!

Future of Mobile Apps and their Role in Digitally-connected Lives

The field of mobile app is ridden with user attrition with mobile users having limited attention spans, and often hopping from one app to the other. With millions of apps vying for their place under the sun, ‘app snackers’ are logging into one app after the next until they have enough app categories on their mobile. Now, this trend is bound to rise in the days to come with more exciting and feature-rich social networking apps concentrating a major part of their day.

What Users Require from their Mobile Applications in Future?

In future, users will be looking for apps that will allow them to connect all the different pieces of their digital life conveniently and quickly. From taking care of their travel and entertainment needs to managing the electronic devices in their homes and allowing for more convenient parking of their cars, they would be requiring a lot more than what they are getting today. Also, users will be looking towards more personalized application content and convincing marketing messages that would cater fitfully to their location, behavior, and intentions.

Most Popular Forms of Personalization

App personalization is all about having adequate data and insights for applying to your organization’s marketing campaigns. This paves the way for delivering compelling experiences and content for engaging users with your apps, at all times. Also, the future of mobile apps demands that the content therein is fluidly dynamic, and relevant to the interests, specific behavioral patterns, and intentions of users belonging to different ages and walks of life. The most important thing is that all the features and functions have to be synced automatically and seamlessly across different channels for enriching whole brand experiences.

So, is your app future – ready?

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