Microsoft Paying Mobile Application Developers to Develop Mobile Apps

While the mobile application marketplace and mobile applications continue to grow in popularity and demand over the last few years with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android app development; Microsoft’s mobile application marketplace is also picking up pace in the mobile app development offered in their mobile application marketplace; but it still is not even close to Apple’s iTunes Mobile App development Marketplace and Android’s Mobile App Marketplace. Microsoft does feel their marketplace is gaining popularity as more individuals are starting to switch the Windows Phone 7 but at the same time, Microsoft is starting to become so concerned about the rate which mobile applications are getting brought from their mobile app marketplace (compared to Apple’s iTunes mobile application marketplace and Google’s Android Mobile Application Marketplace) that they are looking into other methods to improve their mobile app sector.

One strategy which Microsoft is starting to do to gain more mobile applications on their mobile application marketplace is by actually financing and paying mobile application developers to develop mobile applications strictly for Microsoft. Many mobile application developers and mobile application development firms believe that funding like this can save their company anywhere from $60,000-$600,000 depending on the complexity of the mobile application. This strategy is a new tactic which has never been seen in the mobile application industry so far and something which the two major powerhouses of Apple and Google never have had to do.

One mobile application developer recently stated the following: “For a major corporation like Microsoft who already has an established mobile application marketplace to feel the need to invest in mobile application developers and mobile application development firms says two major things to me: 1) The competition for the mobile app industry is growing so strong that corporations cannot afford to fall to far behind and risk losing everything with regards to their mobile application space and 2) Microsoft is in real deep trouble if they need to resort to paying mobile application developers and mobile application development firms to develop mobile applications for windows platforms while Google and Apple do not need to even consider such a tactic.

Microsoft seems to also be claiming that their mobile application market share is currently too small to warrant in-house mobile application development for Windows Phone Mobile applications and that is why they need to turn to outsourcing their mobile application projects to other mobile application developers and mobile application development firms in hopes of getting some more mobile applications onto their Mobile App Marketplace. Microsoft is doing everything they can to fill up any holes they have noticed in their mobile application marketplace sector of their corporation and are hoping that this may be a good solution.

It is impossible to predict what the future holds but one thing which seems to be clear is that the mobile application industry is certainly growing with every passing month and the momentum it is picking up will be difficult to stop. Companies are rushing to do everything in their power to ensure they remain competitive in this industry and not fall too far behind. Microsoft, along with Apple and Google must keep a close eye on the rate which mobile applications are getting submitted into their mobile application marketplace and their mobile app download rate to make sure the tactics which they currently are using are in fact working. The future is bright for the mobile application industry but just like anything else in this world, it seems as though only the strong and more popular mobile application marketplaces will be the ones to excel while the other mobile application marketplaces may fall behind into the background.