Mobile App Development Trends in 2013

Mobile application development has gone notches higher than it was a few years ago and radical trends have emerged. Innovators are looking forward to build applications with better ratings, stunning graphic user interfaces, and effortlessness when it comes to usage but the long-term goal is to familiarize development tactics to the hardware environment to enhance clients’ experience. Some of the latest smart phone and tablet application development include;

· New operating systems– Mozilla’s OS for smart phones, OS from Firefox, Samsung Electronics, Intel, Jolla, and Canonical

· High Definition voice– more mobile phones and tablets supporting HD voice have been out in the market tripling earlier releases and it’s a trend available in all price variations. This enhanced quality High Definition voice doubles the span of voice frequencies broadcasted.

· Price drop in gadgets– will occur mostly due to the high 4G technologies roll out across globally.

· Screen size experimentation- whatever screen dimension is required by a customer, there is a gadget out there with the desired resolution. This has got to be one of the best app trends.

The demand for app development for mobiles and growing market in 2013 has risen due to the need of lessening peoples’ daily errands. For instance iphone application development has come up with some of the best mobile apps. The aim is to create newest apps that engage clients, present an avenue for shortening tasks, and interaction. It’s also to give a platform to up-coming developers needing to showcase their skills in creating apps.

When we look at the trends for mobile apps development in 2013, the different companies such as iphone, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry and Windows have come up with their own strategies and it’s a competition in the market since they’re all developing what users are looking for.

· Android mobile app development leads, considering that the largest percentages of developers are budding for the platform, with a noted increase in 2013 compared to previous years. Apparently, developers for android also earn more than their competitors. Android is the leading priority mobile platform.

· Following closely to android is the iPhone mobile application platform development. With new versions of the iPhone and ipad every now and then, clients are eager to see what upgrades are in the new gadgets since it mostly has to do with software.

· Others like black berry follow closely third in platform development, then Microsoft and Windows each trying their best to come up with the best enhancements that will stay on the market for a long time.

Mobile application developments are motivated by the user needs hence developers have got to think outside the box to come up with applications that suit the users’ needs without the user having to ask for them first. Each day we hear of new developments by the different players in that field. However, it’s up to the user to take their time and choose what suits them most.

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