Mobile Application Developed to Reduce Distractions on the Road


Mobile Application Developed to Reduce Distractions on the Road

Mobile App Developers Continue to Find New Ways to Utilize Mobile Applications

Smartphone’s and mobile devices have commonly been known to serve as a distraction to drivers who are driving their vehicle on the road. There have been numerous accidents that have occurred due to the fact that drivers were on the phone conducting a call, text messaging someone or using a mobile application for some reason or another. In hopes to reduce to risk of distractions on the road caused by Smartphones, Sprint is now making plans to pre-install a mobile application called Drive First – an anti-distracted driving mobile application on all of their Android Mobile Smartphone Devices.

The Drive First mobile application will be the first Android app that utilizes GPS technology to calculate the speed at which a driver is traveling while automatically shutting down districting features on the Smartphone device such as incoming phone calls, text messages or mobile application alerts. When activated, the Drive First mobile app will direct all incoming calls to voicemail, auto-respond to incoming test messages notifying the sender that the driver is current unavailable, and blocks except three mobile applications of your choice, such as music or navigation mobile applications.

This mobile application also comes equipped with an override button which lets you turn off Drive First and return to the phone’s full functionality. At the same time, this mobile app logs all of the override actions so that the account administrator, such as a parent or employer, can see if and when the driver could have been talking while driving the vehicle. The mobile application developers who developed this mobile application made sure to allow the mobile app to override and allow drivers to use the emergency 911 call number while the Drive First mobile application was still activated.

Sprint will be preloading all of their Android Mobile Devices with the Drive First mobile application but users will need to opt in to the service and pay $2 per month per device to use the mobile application; this being the primary way for Sprint as well as the mobile developers to generate revenue for the mobile application development. At the same time, existing Android users will have the opportunity to download the mobile application from the Android Mobile Application development and marketplace, and details on how much the mobile app will cost is not expected to be available until closer to the product launch date.

It will be interesting to see how many Smartphone users decide to activate this mobile application or not. Some mobile application developers and mobile application “experts” believe that this mobile application will primarily be used by vehicle-transportation companies such as trucking companies or taxi companies to ensure their drivers are not on their Smartphone conducting personal calls while driving a company vehicle.

New uses of mobile applications are continuing to arise every day and as we progress into the future, the future is bright for the mobile application industry and mobile application developers who take the opportunity right now to gain a stable footing on this booming industry.

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