Mobile Application Developers Thrilled with iPhone on Verizon

Mobile Application Developers Thrilled with iPhone on Verizon

Mobile Application Demand and Popularity Expected to Rise in Following Year

When Verizon announced the release of Apple’s iPhone in February, many mobile application developers were thrilled to know that Apple and Verizon were finally able to work out a deal to carry the iPhone under the Verizon name. While AT&T, Google and other service providers are expecting to take a hit with the iPhone’s availability on Verizon; many mobile application developers feel this will have a positive impact on both the Smartphone industry as well as the mobile application industry in the future.

Mobile Application Developers firmly believe that the iPhone is going to explode under Verizon’s wireless service and as a result, it will also increase the adoption of Smartphone users across the world. The iPhone is widely considered the most popular Smartphone in the market today but due to restrictions on what wireless providers could carry the iPhone, there were many individuals left out who wanted a user-friendly Smartphone. Now that the iPhone is available for the Verizon Service, mobile application developers feel that there will be a huge increase in Smartphone users compared to the past.

With an increase in Smartphone device, mobile application developers are also expecting an increase in mobile application downloads, mobile application demand and mobile application popularity. In fact, some mobile application developers believe that the iPhone on Verizon will be one of the bigger stepping stone for the mobile application industry for the simple fact that more users will now have access to mobile applications, mobile application marketplaces and Smartphone devices.

Regardless of how many iPhones Verizon is able to sell within the first few months of its release, the mobile application industry is expected to grow nonetheless as the demand for mobile application developers is expected to rise. The reason why many mobile application developers feel there will be an increase of mobile applications even if the iPhone does not sell well on the Verizon network is because they believe that there are many individuals/companies that have been waiting to create a mobile application but simply did not do so due to the fact that the iPhone was not available on the Verizon network – which is considered the top cellular phone provider in the United States.

Now that Verizon is offering the iPhone, these individuals will not only have the opportunity to create the mobile application they always envisioned but also have the chance to use it. One Mobile Application developer recently stated:

“The iPhone on the Verizon Network is going to allow us to reach users who never have experienced the Smartphone and Mobile Application experience first hand and we are looking forward to supplying these individuals with the best mobile application possible”

There is little doubt that Verizon will have any issue selling the iPhone as the mobile application industry remains optimistic on in the direction they are heading in. The popularity, demand and growth of mobile applications are certainly expected to rise in the following year and a large part of that will be accounted to the adoption of the iPhone onto the Verizon network.