Mobile Application Development & Tablet Applications

Mobile Application Development & Tablet Applications

Mobile Applications are being converted into Tablet Applications

Mobile Application Development has been taking the Mobile Industry by storm in the past year and as the Mobile Application Industry continues to pick up momentum, it is pulling in a new avenue of Application development known as Tablet Applications development. Initially, one may think Mobile Applications and Tablet Applications are different but they are very similar.

In fact, Mobile Applications can be converted into a tablet application with a few minor changes in the mobile app design development. Due to the small amount of adjustments needed, tablet application development is more appealing for mobile application development companies to also start designing tablet applications based on previous mobile applications designs.

The key difference which one notices when comparing a mobile application to a tablet application is the screen size. While a majority of mobile devices (such as Apple iPhone device, Google’s Android device, Microsoft Windows 7, RIM Blackberry)  have a screen size between 3-4 inches, most tablets (i.e. – Apple iPad) have a screen size between 10-15 inches which clearly give tablets the edge when it comes to viewing content on a screen. When it comes to mobile applications being run on a tablet, the adjustment of screen size is very little and easy to configure. Mobile Application Developers have had very little issues (so far) converting a mobile application into a tablet application due to screen size differences.

Even though there are minor differences when using an application on a mobile device compared to a tablet device, the overall design and format of the applications remain the same. It would not be surprising to see more mobile application development companies start implementing tablet application development in the years to follow. As we progress into the future, the mobile industry, specifically the mobile application development industry is transforming into a very dominant and powerful sector in the high-tech world.