Mobile Application Development and Challenges

With the rise of wireless technology, consumers have benefited greatly from the many advantages of mobile communication. In the past, mobile devices were strictly meant for sending and receiving phone calls but with the technological advances we observe consumers doing anything from shopping on a mobile device to activating or deactivating a home security alarm.

Along with these advances in mobile technology, there have also been many complications and challenges that have been faced in the attempt to create a world-wide wireless communication infrastructure. It is not an easy task to tackle all the problems that arise when there are so many different devices, networks, and operating systems.

Below is a list of some of the challenges that Mobile Developers face while developing a Mobile Application:

  • Too many mobile devices; Too many mobile platforms

One of the foremost challenges of mobile application development is the large number of mobile devices and mobile platforms that are being introduced almost daily. This requires large investments for companies to make in specialized resources with mobile platform knowledge and mobile programming expertise and it is a challenge for many companies to maintain this broad level of mobile expertise in-house.

  • Complex mobile application architecture

Mobile applications architecture is complex. Three-tiered architecture creates too many challenges related to security, data exchange, data integration, scalability and more.

  • Data Synchronization

Secure data exchange and synchronization between mobile application and backend system is another challenge. A proper communication infrastructure is needed with in-depth knowledge of communication protocols, databases and mobile platforms.

  • Security- Mobile Data

Secure mobile data exchange is still a major concern while developing a mobile application. Enterprise/business mobile applications demands very high amount to mobile expertise.

  • Mobile Application Testing

One challenge creates another challenge. With too many mobile devices and mobile platforms introduction, Mobile Application Testing is becoming a nightmare. Performance and Load testing, Devices coverage testing and different carriers testing related issues are very common challenges in mobile application testing.

What are some of the Mobile Applications Development challenges you face?

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