Mobile Application Development Continue to Gain Momentum

Mobile Application Development Continue to Gain Momentum

Nevada Approves of Sports Wagering Mobile Application

The Mobile Application industry continues to build momentum and is quickly turning into one of the most powerful industries in the world today. Each week there are new positive developments in the mobile application industry and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Recently, Mobile Application Developers took another step forward when the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved the first mobile sports wagering application available to the public.

In the past, there were strict rules, regulations, and protocols that mobile application developers needed to consider before successfully developing an online gaming/sports wagering mobile application but American Wagering (a sports wagering service and technology provider) recently announced that its Leoy’s mobile application has been approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board after successfully passing through rigorous field tests.

These field tests/trials are requirements for any mobile applications in the online gaming or gambling sector to determine that there are no flaws or issues with the mobile application. One of the key reasons for such rigid testing is due to the fact that online gaming has the potential of dealing with large sums of money and these companies need to ensure that the buy-ins, pay-outs, winnings are secure and reliable when individuals are willing to risk “x” amount of money on a specific sporting event or online gambling game. Unlike other mobile gaming applications, online wagering mobile applications need to be developed without a single flaw to ensure no one loses money due to an error caused by technology or a bug in the mobile application.

There have been many instances in the past where Mobile Application Developers created a mobile application in the online gaming and gambling sector and found out it did not pass all the tests that were needed and it only discouraged other mobile application developers from creating similar mobile applications for online sports wagering and gambling in the future. Fortunately for American Wagering, they were delighted to find out that their technology and mobile application is problem-free and did not show a single issue when it was going through its mobile application development & testing stages.

This is not only good news for American Wagering but it also gives hope for other mobile application developers that it is possible to create a legitimate sports wagering mobile application that can be approved by the Gaming Control Board. American Wagering has developed their mobile application for Google’s Android and RIM’s Blackberry and they expect to expand out to other mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Palm later this year.

As we progress into the future, it will not be surprising to see many more wagering mobile application companies follow the same path that American Wagering did with their mobile application. With new sectors of mobile applications being released to the mobile industry, the mobile application industry continues to become one of the most dominate industries in the market today.