Mobile Application for the Blind & Deaf

Mobile applications have been having a profound impact on people from all around the world and as the mobile application technology advances and mobile application developer’s start learning more ways to unlock new features on mobile applications, the mobile application industry and benefits it will have on individuals will continue to rise. One example of how the mobile application industry and specific mobile applications are impacting people can be observed by a new mobile application which was recently released to help both the blind and deaf to communicate using SMS.

There recently has been a new mobile application developed by a Indian computer student that allows the blind and deaf to send and receive SMS on Smartphone devices such as the Android. But unlike other mobile applications which have been released in the past to assist the deaf and blind, this mobile application communicates with individuals by converting the text into Morse Code and using the Smartphone’s vibrations feature to communicate the messages to the individual. This is the first time where a mobile application was developed to assist both the blind and the deaf; in previous mobile applications the application would be developed to either assist the blind or the deaf, but not both.

By using vibrations from a Smartphone, many mobile application developers feel it will be the perfect way for blind and deaf people to communicate in a easy to use manner and this strategy is also much cheaper than the more expensive Braille devices which are currently on the market. One mobile application developer who we discussed this new mobile application with stated the following: “It is blowing my mind how much of a profound impact and influence mobile applications are having with people from all around the world regardless of their status/health/wealth and so forth. Never in a million years would I have thought that mobile applications would be able to have an influence on how blind and deaf people could/will communicate with each other”

The future of the mobile application development industry and mobile applications are certainly bright and the more mobile apps that become released that have an impact on the way people conduct their lives, the more momentum the mobile application industry will have going forward. Mobile application developers and mobile app development firms have taken technology and the way people conduct their lives to another level and this trend is certainly expected to continue going into the future.