Mobile Application Industry Continues to Grow

Mobile Application Industry Continues to Grow

Mobile Application Developers Prepare for More Demand in Future

The mobile application industry has been growing year by year as demand for mobile applications are rising to levels never expected when mobile applications first were introduced to the market. Large corporations such as Apple, Google, RIM, and Microsoft are aggressively pushing to develop the finest Smartphone which will work best for a variety of mobile apps; at the same time, mobile application developers from all around the world are continuously releasing new mobile applications into various mobile application marketplaces for its users. The direction the mobile application industry is heading in is very bright and research shows that by 2015, the mobile application industry will be one of the most revenue-generating industries in the high-tech world.

To support the claim of the mobile application industry becoming one of the most revenue-generating industries by 2015, a recent study conducted b Forrester Research revealed that the mobile app industry has the potential to generate up to $17 billion by the year 2015. The report also stated that the “app internet” phenomenon was “specialized by local mobile apps running in conjunction with cloud-based services” across Smartphones, Tablets and other wireless devices as the main tool that is driving mobile applications at the pace they are going today.

As mobile application developers compete to create the best selling mobile application in the market today, the mobile application industry and mobile landscape continue to grow and pick up steam. Mobile Application marketplaces such as Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace, Google’s Android Mobile Application Marketplace and RIM Blackberry App World Mobile Marketplace are continuously being flooded with new mobile apps everyday and what is more surprising is that a large majority of these mobile apps are being downloaded and installed in different individuals Smartphone devices from all around the world; there are very few mobile apps that do not get downloaded even when there may be so many similar mobile apps in the market.

With so much growth expected in the new few years, many mobile application developers and “experts” are upgrading their development firms’ capabilities to ensure that their mobile application developers are capable of developing mobile apps for variety of Smartphone devices rather than just one. A majority of mobile application developers right now only specialize in one specific Smartphone devices such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile 7 but with more mobile apps being ported for other Smartphones, it will be wise for mobile application development firms to have mobile app developers that specialize in all mobile platforms rather than just one.

As optimistic as these mobile application developers are about the direction the mobile application industry is going in, they also realize that it will be one of the most competitive industries in the near future and to truly succeed, they will need to stay on top of their game and ensure they have all the capabilities and resources available to support the influx of mobile app development requests which will be coming in. If a mobile application development firm is able to succeed at staying current and also educated on all new developments in the mobile application industry, they there is a good chance they will succeed in the booming mobile application industry.