Mobile Application Industry Expected to hit 48 Billion Downloads in 2015

Mobile Application Industry Expected to hit 48 Billion Downloads in 2015

Mobile App Industry Continues to Pick up Momentum

A recent report revealed that the mobile application industry and various mobile application marketplaces such as Apple iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace and Google’s Android Mobile Application Marketplace are growing at an extremely fast rate and that the number of mobile application downloads are estimated to hit 48 billion by the year 2015. Many mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” always believed that there was potential in the mobile application industry but they too are stunned by the growth, popularity and demand that mobile applications have generated within the past few years.

A reason why the mobile application industry and mobile apps are in such high demand is largely due to the influx of various Smartphone’s (Apple’s iPhone 5, Google’s Droid, Windows Phone 7, RIM’s Blackberry, etc) and Tablet PC’s (Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad) which have been entering the market at an extremely fast rate recently. Companies such as Apple and Google realize that developing a high-tech cutting edge Smartphone device is only one part of the equation, the other part is having a superior mobile application marketplace where users can download mobile apps and utilize their Smartphone to its full capabilities.

With the booming growth of the mobile application industry, the demand for mobile application developers are at an all-time high and mobile app developers as well as mobile application development companies are getting requests to develop mobile applications at a daily rate. A Marketing Manager from V-Soft, Inc recently stated:

“The amount of mobile application leads we receive everyday is unbelievable. Everyday we are sending new scopes to our mobile application development team to review and develop a proposal for”

With so much demand for mobile applications, some critics believe that the mobile application industry will decline in the near future but many mobile app developers, mobile application “experts” and high-tech experts all agree that the mobile application industry is only beginning to rise and that there is still many possibilities which are yet to be realized in the world of mobile applications.

The future for mobile application industry certainly looks bright and as we progress into the future, individuals can except to see more mobile applications start to influence the way we conduct our daily lives – From grocery shopping to buying tickets for the movies to presenting a presentation for a conference, Mobile Applications are going to change the way people live and we should all embrace everything that the mobile application industry has to offer.

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