Mobile Applications and Tablet Applications

One question which often comes up with individuals or companies want to develop a mobile or tablet application is: What is the difference between a mobile application and a tablet application and can a mobile application work the same on a tablet? The reason this question often comes up is because of the rise and popularity of tablets, many people find it more beneficially to use applications (specifically mobile applications) on a large screen tablet compared to the smaller Smartphone screens. Both mobile and tablet applications have been gaining a lot of momentum and demand within the past year and fortunately for mobile and tablet users, a majority of applications which are available on Smartphone platforms are also able to be used on Tablets.

One of the key differences between mobile applications for Smartphone platform compared to mobile applications for tablet platform is the screen size and resolution. Most Smartphone Platforms have a fairly smaller screen size compared to a Tablet so when a mobile application is running on a tablet, the screen resolution may not be as clear and crispy compared to a tablet application running on a tablet. In order to fix this issue, mobile application developers or mobile application development firms must develop two applications: One mobile application which the screen resolution is set to fit the smaller screen size of the Smartphone and another application which is specific for the tablet which is tailored to fit the high screen size and resolution. The main features/functionalities will stay the same in both applications (for the most part) but the application will be able to look as clear and crispy on the tablet as it does on the Smartphone.

Another small difference which sometimes occurs between applications running on Smartphone Platforms compared to applications running on Tablet is the User Interface and layout of the application. Since the Tablet has a larger screen size, mobile application developers or mobile application development firms have the ability to add more buttons/features/images onto the larger screen size compared to on a Smartphone mobile application so they may change the application a little bit when it is running on a tablet so it has more features/images/buttons than on the Smartphone. A majority of the time the applications are the same on the Mobile Smartphone platform as compared to the Tablet platform but there are some instances when the mobile application developer or mobile application development firm may make a change. You can opt for various well known platforms like android mobile app development, iPhone apps development adding with blackberry & windows platform as well.

Besides the two points noted, there are no major differences between mobile applications and tablet applications; a majority of applications will run the same regardless of what platform they are used on. At the same time, it is important for mobile application developers and developing firms of mobile apps to realize when developing applications that they need to consider the size difference/resolution otherwise a mobile application running on a tablet may not be as clear/crispy as it would be if it was developed specifically for the tablet. The mobile application has already been gaining a lot of momentum in the past few years and with Tablets on the rise, it will only add more fuel to the fire and allow the demand and popularity for applications (both mobile and tablet applications) to rise to new heights.