Mobile Applications Everywhere – How to Succeed in Mobile Application Development?

Mobile Applications Everywhere

How to Succeed in Mobile Application Development?

Mobile Applications are everywhere. Every time the television is turned on, there is a commercial for which mobile devices (ie – Apple iPhone, Google Andriod, Windows Mobile 7) has the best mobile applications or how Televisions are now equipped with apps. Every time the radio is on, there is an advertisement to download a specific app to enhance and make life easier. Every time one goes on the streets, there are billboards directing them to a specific application marketplace.

Point is – we are now surrounded in a world revolving around easy to use, simple applications that can do all the work for us.

No longer does one have to go online to a specific website (at a land location), type in what movie he/she wants to see, what area code the movie is playing in and if tickets are available before printing them out.

Now that same person can go on their mobile Movie Finder application (which automatically locates your location), simply type in/or click on the movie they want and one more click to have the movie tickets downloaded onto their mobile device.

Companies have seen tremendous success in the mobile industry in the past years and this trend is only expected to grow in the following years to come. The evidence is clear when observing companies such as Apple and Google.

Apple and its iTunes mobile application marketplace sells products anywhere from music to games to business enterprise/social networking there company has seen growth as never seen before since the installment of the iTunes Markplace.

Apple is not the only company that has seen achievement in the high-tech industry; Google has also seen great success and growth with its rapidly growing Android Marketplace which was introduced shortly after Apple introduced their iTunes marketplace.

As these two powerhouse companies lead the way in the high-tech world of mobility; many small and mid-size companies follow in the hopes of one day striking it big with a mobile application that can change the world. With an increase in mobile devices (specifically smartphone devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm OS) being sold each year; the demand for mobile applications are only expected to grow as we venture into the world of mobile technology.

One thing that companies must remember when entering the mobile application industry is that in an era of wireless communication and mobility: user-friendliness, simplicity and security are the keys to success in this industry.