Mobile Applications for Multiple Mobile Devices

Mobile Applications for Multiple Mobile Devices

High Demand for Mobile Applications Create New Momentum for Mobile Industry

Most of the time when a mobile application developer creates a mobile application for a client, the mobile developer is engineering that mobile application for one specific device. It may be an application for Apple’s iPhone that can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store; or it may be an application made for the Google Android mobile device which can only be found in the Droid Marketplace.

As the mobile application industry continues to grow with demand for a variety of mobile applications, a new change that is evident in the mobile application industry is that the mobile application developers are now creating applications that can run on various platforms; not just one. This is good news for the mobile industry, mobile application developers and also for the economy since the mobile industry is a growing industry where small, mid and large size companies can all succeed.

The primary reason for mobile applications now being available in multiple mobile platforms is simply due to the high demand for specific applications. Two basic case studies can be reviewed to illustrate this point.

The first example can be seen from a mobile game application named Angry Birds. The creator/developer of this game- Rovio – found such great success in his mobile game application on the iPhone that now he has plans to create the same game for other mobile devices such as the Google Android and Microsoft Mobile 7. At the same time, his company has grown from a few employees to up to 30 to support the mobile development needed to create the mobile game application for multiple mobile devices.

The second example is from a mobile game application that recently came out called MadChad. The creator of this game is a professional football player by the name of Chad OchoCinco (formerly known as Chad Johnson). He had this idea to create a mobile game application for the Apple iPhone. Once the game was released, it sold so well and so many people went wild for this mobile gaming application called MadChad, that it was only wise for Chad OchoCinco to start developing this same game for other mobile platforms such as the Google Android, Windows Mobile 7, RIM Blackberry, and Palm.

The mobile industry, more specifically the mobile application industry is picking up more momentum with each passing month and the mobile app developing companies that hop on this wave right now are the ones who will reap great benefits before it is too late and the wave comes crashing down.