Mobile Applications in Space?

Mobile Applications in Space?

NASA Recently Announces the Development of their First Mobile Application

NASA recently announced that it has ventured into the mobile application industry and has created its first mobile application for Google’s Android Mobile platform which highlights NASA’s innovations and how they are used in everyday life. This is not only a big step for NASA but also the aerospace industry as they are jumping aboard the mobile application bandwagon and are now taking advantage of mobility, connectivity and the way mobile applications are able to reach the public. NASA’s mobile application is not meant for aerospace researchers/scientists to use for research but rather is considered a fun mobile application which pokes fun at common NASA myths and at the same time educates the common person about NASA and its accomplishments.

Although this may not seem like a “best selling mobile application” or one that will interest a lot of people, many mobile application developers are very pleased with NASA’s decision to develop a mobile application. This simple yet informative mobile application allows individuals to search NASA databases as well as provide real-time feeds of the latest technology from the space agency. NASA is currently offering the mobile application for the Google Android platforms and will soon be also offering it on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad free of charge.

This is only the beginning steps for NASA as some Mobile Application developers predict that in the near future, NASA will start relying highly on mobile applications and mobile application technology to assist in NASA’s aerospace projects. How can a mobile application have an impact on NASA’s space program is still to be determined but as we have seen in the past few years, the mobile application industry has very few restrictions/limitations on what is possible and what is not. In fact, it would not be surprising if all NASA programs are supported by mobile applications in one way or another in the near future.

Mobile application developers were thrilled that NASA’s mobile application adds yet another industry that has ventured into the mobile application world and realizes the use for mobile applications. Mobile Application developers are hoping that other aerospace companies will also use NASA Mobile Application as a model mobile application and consider developing a similar mobile application for themselves. Now that aerospace industry has a powerhouse agency like NASA leading the way in mobile application development, they should be able to leverage that into making similar mobile applications which can be used for their own benefits as well.

Every week there are new industries that are starting to invest in mobile application development and some mobile application “experts” believe that it will only be a matter of time until every industry in the world will rely on mobile applications and mobile application developers similarly to how numerous industries rely on the World Wide Web and Web Developers. The future of mobile applications is very bright and with powerhouse companies such as NASA fueling the mobile application train, the mobile application industry does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.