Mobile Development Expertise

With the increasing popularity and demand for mobile applications, it is no surprise that millions of corporations, companies and start-ups are reaching out to mobile application development firms to get their latest groundbreaking mobile application developed. With years of experience developing, testing and porting mobile applications, V-Soft, Inc looks forward to becoming your trusted partner in application development. Having already developed cutting-edge mobile applications for the iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms, we are confident we can take on any mobile project and deliver in a timely manner with the utmost quality.

Some of our expertise includes:

Mobile Application Development: Custom Mobile Application Development for all platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Our mobile application developers have created mobile applications ranging from mobile gaming applications to enterprise applications. If it is feasibly possible, we have no doubt that we have the skill-set, knowledge base and resources required to successfully deliver high-quality custom mobile applications to our customers.

Mobile Application PortingWith demand and popularity for mobile applications continuously growing, the best way to ensure applications are reaching their true potential is to make them available on all different platforms and operating systems. With over 5 years of mobile application porting experience, V-Soft is eager to take your pre-existing mobile application(s) and port it onto different platforms / operating systems. Being able to reach a larger customer base will not only increase revenue for your mobile application but will also allow various Smartphone users the ability to experience your application.

Mobile Application Testing: Ensuring a mobile application is running smoothly and as intended is critical to the success of any application. V-Soft understands the importance of having an application that runs properly and have created a Mobile Application Testing Center designed specifically to perform various tests on mobile applications such as: White Box & Black Box Testing, Sustainability Testing, Performance Testing and much more.

Mobile GamingMobile Gaming Applications are one of the most popular categories in various mobile application marketplaces and it is no surprise that the amount of mobile games being developed are increasing faster than any other type of applications. Do not wait any longer in developing custom mobile gaming applications and reach out to us to learn how we can assist in the development of your game. From UX design, sound effects, graphics/animation and gameplay, V-Soft has the expertise needed to successfully develop any gaming application.

UI / UX Design Services: V-Soft offers a complete package of UI / UX services that will work closely with your team to develop the highest quality graphics, user interfaces and designs needed in your application or software. We realize the impact that a well-designed interface can have on its users and our aim is to deliver an experience that will be unparalleled to anything they have ever seen.

Enterprise ServicesV-Soft takes great pride in providing end-to-end Enterprise Solutions to our customers, specifically in the mobile space. With expertise in the B2E, B2B and B2C segments of enterprise solutions, we are confident, eager and excited to learn more about your Enterprise solutions and how V-Soft can have an opportunity to showcase our expertise to you.

Software Development: In addition to our Mobile Application Development expertise, V-Soft also specializes in custom Software Development for our customers. Having over 10 years of experience in various software categories such as Embedded Development, Desktop Development and Web Development, we are certain we can take on any software project and deliver in a timely and precious manner for our customers.

Technologies: With technologies continuously evolving in the world of software and application development, V-Soft takes great pride in our ability to adopt, learn and implement the latest technologies in our development. From Mobile Application Development to Cloud Computing, our customer-base will always feel assured that they are having the latest technologies being utilized in the development of their projects.

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