Mobile Gaming Applications Account for Majority of Mobile App Sessions

Mobile Gaming Applications Account for Majority of Mobile App Sessions

The mobile application industry has been continuing to grow and pick up momentum with every passing week as new mobile apps and Smartphone’s are being released to the market at a rate never seen before. Mobile application developers and mobile application “experts” continue to be busy with mobile application projects and the demand for new mobile apps which individuals want to push onto the market before someone else steals the mobile application idea. One specific segment in the mobile application industry which seems to be dominating the mobile app landscape compared to other segments is the mobile gaming application development segment.

Mobile Gaming Applications really started to pick up in the past two-three years as more individuals started adapting to a Smartphone rather then a “regular” cellular device. Smartphone devices now give individuals the opportunity to play mobile games on their cellular device anywhere they are and the popularity of these mobile games seem to be the hottest trend in the mobile app industry right now. In fact, a recent study revealed that 52% of mobile application sessions between January and February 2012 were related to mobile gaming rather than other types of mobile apps such as location based mobile applications or productivity/social media mobile applications. The study which was conducted used a sample of 500 million Smartphone devices and 64 billion mobile application sessions to ensure accurate data was collected. This study revealed that mobile gaming applications and gaming sessions were up 20.5 times over the same period from this time last year.

The popularity and rise of mobile gaming is putting more pressure and demand on mobile app development firms and mobile application developers to ensure they have enough resources needed to meet the influx of requests which come in for new gaming ideas or even the re-designing an old game and re-branding it onto the market. One mobile application developer recently stated: “We are having so many request for new mobile gaming applications that for the first time ever, we actually have to turn down some projects because we do not have enough resources to take on new projects and also support the current ones we are working on”. 

The Mobile Application Industry, specifically the mobile gaming application industry involved in iPhone application development and Android application development is certainly heading in the right direction and the way the trend is going right now, it is only expected to grow larger in the upcoming months. Unlike other industries that have been struck with the recession and low economic turmoil, the mobile industry is one of the few that is growing and will continue to grow for at least the next few years into the future. The future is bright for mobile application developers and mobile application development firms; now they just need to ensure they have enough resources to meet the demands.

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