Mobile Gaming Development Expected to Rise

Mobile Gaming Development Expected to Rise

Mobile Application Developers will Create Next Gaming Universe

As the Mobile Application Industry continues to grow, video game makers from around the world are starting to jump aboard the mobile application bandwagon and are now focusing more attention towards developing video games that can give the same experience to gamers on their mobile device as they have on their televisions. For the past three decades, video games were primarily played on televisions or handheld consoles but as we head into the future, video game makers and mobile application developers are starting to collaborate into developing video games which can now be played on mobile Smartphone device.

The video game company that is paving the way for video game mobile development is Bungie – best known as the creators of the famed video game series Halo. Bungie has a firm belief that mobile gaming is going to be the “next gaming universe” and they are doing everything they can to ensure they get a step ahead in the industry before other gaming companies. An advert from Bungie recently stated: “Bungie is embarking on a new and challenging journey and if you have a serious passion for mobile application development we want you to be a part of it”; re-enforcing Bungie’s desire to eventually become a full-force mobile gaming company as well as video game company.

One of the key motives for developing a mobile gaming sector within Bungie is due to the fact that they feel they can use mobile devices to establish real-time gaming connectivity for millions of its users. By creating a gaming universe which can be accessed anywhere a gamer may be in the world, Bungie believes they will be able to attract and build upon their already stable gamer following. Bungie also feels that the mobile gaming industry is becoming very sophisticated with the arrival of dual-core chips and 3D graphic capabilities and that it will only be a matter of time before mobile games are able to give the same experience as “regular” video games have in the past.

Apple and their iPhone mobile device were the true pioneers in mobile gaming development and even though Bungie is hoping to gain a competitive advantage by pushing heavily for mobile gaming development, they will have stiff competition in the up-coming year from companies such as Sony and Microsoft. Sony is currently in the works of developing their own PSP Mobile Phone which can support PSP games while Microsoft has plans of brining their well-known Xbox brand to its Windows Phone 7 operating system within the year.

The future for gaming looks to be taking a major step forward in the upcoming years and a large part of that will be linked to the rise of mobile applications, mobile application development and mobile application developers who are able to convert video games that once used to be played on televisions at home to now have the ability to play them on mobile devices anywhere in the world. The mobile application industry continues to build momentum with each passing year and mobile gaming development is surely expected be the next major breakthrough in the world of wireless communication and contactability.