Mobile Use to Overtake Desktop/Laptop Use in Future

Mobile Use to Overtake Desktop/Laptop Use in Future

The Mobile Application Industry and the popularity of Smartphone’s is growing so large that a recent study conducted by a major corporation recently revealed that mobile device usage is estimated to overtake desktop internet users by the year 2014 and that number is expected to increase well into the future. This estimate has been based on the rate of growth since 2007 which has seen the mobile application and Smartphone industries more than double in the past few years. It is no surprise of the growth of mobile applications and Smartphone demand in the past few years but what is surprising is that Smartphone’s and Mobile Apps can potentially overtake desktop internet usage.

A few years ago, computers and laptops were the primary avenue for an individual to use when accessing the internet and getting connected to the outside world but with advancements in mobile phones (specifically Smartphone’s) and mobile applications, things are completely changing and individuals are now able to access the internet and conduct anything they would do on their laptops/computers, on their handheld mobile devices anywhere they are. One mobile application developer recently stated: “It truly is amazing what an impact the iPhone application development and Android application development platforms have had on our society; no longer do we depend on being near a computer or laptop to access information. The mobile application marketplaces are able to supply users with any and everything an individual would want – from music, to social networking to GSP directions and cooking receipts. Smartphones and mobile applications have truly changed the way we conduct our lives and I expect that trend to grow”

Another key piece of information which leads many technology experts to believe that Smartphones and Mobile Application use will takeover desktop/laptop use in the future is the fact that children the ages of 7 to 16 are more likely to own a mobile device than a desktop/laptop. With children now being brought up with a Smartphone device or tablet PC at an early age, the chances that they will continue to use those devices as a form of accessing the internet, checking their mail and using mobile apps is a lot more likely than the chances of them using a desktop/laptop. “The world is moving so fast now and everyone is on the go; people want to be able to access information whenever and wherever they are and Smartphones and Tablet PC’s give these individuals the option which they have never had before” stated one mobile application developer when asked the impact that technology is having in our current day and age.

The Smartphone, Tablet and Mobile Application Industry is certainly heading in the right direction and the way the trend is going right now, it is only expected to grow larger in the upcoming years. Unlike other industries such as computer manufacturing industries that have slowly been falling behind with advancements in technology, the mobile, tablet and mobile application industry is one of the few that is growing and will continue to grow for the next few years into the future. The future is bright for Smartphone/Tablet manufacturers, mobile application developers and mobile application development firms; now they just need to ensure they have enough resources to meet the demands.

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