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With the current popularity of the multi platform environment, the need for great cross- formatting becomes essential for the development of mobile applications. It is important to design software which can run on various platforms to increase simplicity of moving from app to app or ipad to android without software glitches.

There are several multi-platform tools available which appear to have the needed cross-formatting for mobile apps. RhoMobile framework allows you to only code one time and this code will work on many of the major smartphones.

Another good package is PhoneGap, cheered at the Web 2.0 San Francisco Expo, which allows development of apps for mobiles such as Android, IPhone, Blackberry and IPad using HTML and JavaScript. This great tool gives the developer the ability to combine hardware with software for development and integration of apps such as GPS and accelerometer.

Things to consider when searching for that perfect business application
What is the performance design?

Does it keep the user engaged?

What are the performance capabilities?

Does it deliver?

Is it simple for the user to maneuver?

Will it address all your business needs?

How about next year’s business requirements?

iPhone Application DevelopmentImportance of iPhone Application Development

The leader in today’s smart phone market is the Apple iPhone which follows that most mobile applications are designed to work on their platform. As their popularity continues to expand, the importance and opportunities for new mobile app development on the iPhone platform is booming. Business seeks development companies who can give them audience reach required to compete in the virtual marketplace. Visit to know about iOS application development in detail.

Android Application DevelopmentAdvantage of Android Application Development

Google Android’s open source is the most popular feature in application software development allowing developers a free hand with innovation. Developers of apps for android use Linux OS giving the freedom and transparency needed to modify files to make changes to the operating system or for new application design.

Android developers have an advantage with open source software kit being provided by Google. They can also test them on a simulator for android before actual load.

The Android platform continues to gain popularity with app simplicity and innovation easily defined with more developers taking the plunge into the world of Droid phones.

Comparisons between Apple iPhone and Google Android


development suite with useful tools

multi-tasking development relatively new

no widgets

once a year design changes

only about 25%  of available apps free


Linux open source software

multi-tasking development for several years

widgets extensions appear on home screen (great for music and networking)

OS freely available (poses issues in phone to phone differences)

lots of free apps (50%) available including Google’s

Other considerations

When it comes to games, the iPhone is the clear winner.

Android is the best for social networking with widgets and easier browsing.

Parents give the iPhone the thumbs up with available high quality apps

In the media department, the iPhone is still the best for your money.

Now that you know just how much an android mobile phone can help your business grow, get one today and start leaping the benefits.

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