NBA Develops a New Mobile Application

NBA Develops a New Mobile Application

League Hopes Mobile App Increases its Already Strong Fan Base

As the NBA draws to a close, many top NBA Executives and Marketing specialists are thinking of different strategies to reach out to their fans in attempts to gain more attention towards the league as the playoffs begin in April. The league has quickly realized that mobile applications can be one of the best ways to communicate with their fans/followers and has decided to partner up with a mobile application development firm called CellFish Media in hopes to develop a mobile application which will give the league a better opportunity to reach out to their fans.

The NBA and CellFish are set to introduce a mobile app that will have a range of NBA/Hoops-related themed solutions that will enable fans to interact with their favorite teams while on the go. The NBA felt that mobile applications are the best way to reach fans in current society where everyone depends on their Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry) and Tablet PCs (iPad) as a form of interacting and staying in touch with the rest of the world. Many mobile application experts also believe that the NBA is making a smart move by having CellFish develop their mobile application right in time for the playoffs and believes there is a good chance that the NBA will increase their followers by now having a mobile application available to them on their Smartphone devices.

The NBA Mobile Application will be rolled out in segments from CellFish in the following weeks/months with some features such as the NBA Fan Cam which will allow users to digitally insert NBA Products onto their photos and then share the images with friends via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The NBA Mobile Application will also feature a mobile alarm clock with graphics of the user’s favorite team.  In addition to those features, the mobile application will also have  team-logo wallpapers of all 30 teams which an individual can put onto their Smartphone, Screensavers which can be activated on tablet PC’s and also team-specific ringtones/ring backs which users can enable.

The NBA is very much excited for their new mobile application and believes it is heading in the right direction with regards to reaching out to their fan base. The first version of the NBA application will be targeted primarily to the iPhone and Android Smartphone devices but there are plans for the mobile app to expand to other Smartphone devices such as the Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7 in the near future as well. As we progress into the future, it is clear to see a trend of major companies starting to develop mobile applications as a means to better interact and keep in touch with their customer-base. Mobile Application Developers and market research firms are also confirming that the roll-out of mobile applications from specific companies are in fact increasing revenue and the following of a specific company/brand as compared to other companies who choose not to develop a mobile app.

The future is bright for the mobile application industry and every time a major company such as the NBA decides to develop a mobile application, that only fuels the momentum more for other companies to stay on top by developing their own mobile app of their own. What the future holds is still unclear for the mobile application industry but one thing for sure is that it is heading in the right direction and there is potential for great success for mobile application developers and mobile application development firms in the future.