New Applications To Use With The New iPhone 7

So, you are pretty comfortable with the smart and sleek iPhone 7 by this time? Since you have understood the basic functionality, and now the time has come to explore it further. It is a fact that one can’t survive without accessing useful and handy apps in the modern era. Today, we search dining choices, chat with friends, send and receive messages and add some fun to life by these apps.

Though the operating system of Apple is different from other popular operating systems, you can find a plethora of applications in the market that support iOS10 software, the latest version. What apps would you pick from the list depends on individual preference. Here are a few unique and special apps that are best suitable with your new iPhone7.

Star Wars Stickers

If you are a diehard fan of Disney, then this app is for you. Download the Star Wars Sticker application and have access to loads of animated images of the characters from Star Wars movie. Meet your favorite stars such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, BB-8, and C-3PO. Don’t forget the catchphrase “Oh My”. Yes, you also get it.

The multipurpose stickers can be used as attachments or standalone. You can attach them with photographs, messages, or independent images also. It is guaranteed that the receiver will go crazy after receiving the stickers. Get nostalgic with the Pac-Man stickers and get amazed with the Death Star exploding suddenly in front of you.

Other than Star Wars, there are several sticker applications to make the task of sending and receiving message interesting and fun-filled. Sticker Pals and Grammer Snob are a few examples.

iTranslate, the interesting language solution

When you require automated language translation app, there is nothing better than iTranslate. It gives you a phenomenal chance to chat with a person who speaks a different language. The most remarkable feature of this app is you needn’t leave the chat interface. The translation happens in the real-time. It is a free-of-charge application which works with an enormous speed. However, the results are strange sometimes. Overall, it is a good application.

Keyboard app SwiftKey

When you want a fantastic Third-Party keyboard app which is excellent from all perspectives, download SwiftKy application in your new Apple iPhone. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as predictive text features. Now equipped with the latest neural artificial intelligence features, it not only suggests relevant words but tries to grasp what is the context and reference of your message. It suggests accordingly. The effect of this small keyboard app is simply amazing.

The predictive keyboard apps are highly useful nowadays as users spend a considerable time of iPhone usage in typing messages and other text. Therefore, you enjoy this app a lot.


Get your photography and editing skills unleashed by using this wonderful app designed by masters who know how to make use of the best features of iPhone7. This high-quality editing suite is absolutely free. Yes, you heard it right. It is absolutely free. Do all types of handheld editing for images and all other compatible formats. With easy-to-use, single-click fixes and world-class, superfine controls; you can have excellent command over details and tones.

Korg Gadget, an ultimate app for music lovers

If you have an ear for music, then you must download this app on your iPhone. Yes, it is not just an app, but a full-fledged music-creation studio. You have loads of features and a small-scale synthesizer that is capable of creating a big sound. With a wide variety of controls and nods, Korg Gadget gives you a virtual sound recording studio. There are drums, organs and a plethora of other instruments. Ultimate bass and chip-tune leads are there for those who want to create symphonies and music numbers.

You will go crazy by looking at the presets given in the synthesizer. They look exactly like the real synth with sliders and dials. Don’t let the budding music director inside you get suppressed. Conceive your own music using this wonderful app. The app is so intuitive and brilliant that you get engrossed in it.

Are you crazy about racing games? Try Riptide GP

When you want to show off about your new iPhone, there is only one way of doing it. Show others that you have the most dynamic and complex racing game. Yes, racing games are resource hungry. Power, speed, and memory of your phone are tested when you use a brilliantly detailed racing game. With the new iPhone in hand, you must have the latest sensation, Riptide GP.

Mind-boggling speed, real-life 3D visual detailing, and sensational soundtracks take this app to brilliant heights of perfection. Don’t let your thinking confined to the good old Asphalt 8! Gone are the days of it. Move to the superior and better game now.

You must be wondering about what is new and sensational in this game? Well, there are many things. You don’t drive on roads but cut down through hair-raising water tracks. There are ample opportunities for performing stunts and it is a real challenge to keep you ahead of the water level. The effects are so realistic that you forget that it is a virtual game.

Let your quest for Astronomy gets satisfied by Sky Guide, the Stargazing App!

Many people love stargazing. They get deeply involved in the stars, moon, planets and constellations. Experts say that it is a good hobby which calms down your nerves and controls the anxiety. You have the great chance of exploring the night sky in your iPhone. Yes, Sky Guide is a realistic and gorgeous astronomy application which gives you the feeling of watching a star-filled sky. The virtual tour is so realistic that you feel as if you are watching through the window.

The app uses 3D touch and opens a particular section of the sky that you can zoom and expand. There is a lightweight, compact version also which gives a speedy access to the information you are interested into.

Download the apps and feel the real thrill of iPhone!