New Mobile Application Developed for Fleet Services

New Mobile Application Developed for Fleet Services

Mobile App has ability to Identify Fuel Type as well as Best Fuel Prices

Mobile Applications have been taking society by storm in the past few years as mobile apps have been popping up in the thousands across the world daily. Just as the World Wide Web had its boom in the early 90’s, the mobile application industry is having its boom in the late 2000’s but unlike the World Wide Web boom, the mobile application boom is expected to be much larger and generate much more demand. Industries from all over are reaching out to mobile application developers and mobile application “experts” for advice, insight and suggestions on how to develop a mobile application which will give their company a competitive advantage in their specific industry.

One company which recently announced a new mobile application was GE Capital Fleet Services. GE Capital Fleet is in the trucking industry and they had a plan to develop a mobile app which contained mapping features which allow their drivers to locate the correct fuel-type locations around a certain radius of their location as well the gas-fueling locations which has the lowest prices. GE Capital Fleet Services have named this mobile application the U.S. Fuel Pricing Mapping Application and it gives drivers the option of entering their location, search radius and required fuel type for the vehicle they are driving. The mobile application will have the capabilities to display five locations with the ability to list additional sites if requested. The mobile application also has a feature where driver’s results can also be sorted by brand or radius. Once a site is selected by the driver, it is then mapped out using GPS.

There have been great reviews about the U.S. Fuel Pricing Mapping Mobile Application by many mobile application developers and mobile application development “experts”. GE Capital Fleet believes there is much more potential in this mobile app and the Chief Strategy Officer at GE recently stated: “The U.S. Fuel Price Mapping Application is a great addition to our portfolio of products dedicated to helping drivers on the road. We continue to improve and expand our fleet technology by offerings to help customer manager their bottom line, while increasing driver and operational efficiency.” In addition to the mobile application, GE also offers a fuel card program that includes wide acceptance at nearly 9 out of every 10 truck stops.

Although it is not known which Smartphone devices the U.S. Fuel Pricing Mapping Mobile Application will be available on, some mobile app developers are assuming that it will be available for download on the iPhone (thru the iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace) and also for the Android (thru the Droid Mobile Application store); with it also rolling out to other Smartphone devices such as the Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7 later on in the year. Blackberry Mobile Application developers believe that the more Smartphone devices the mobile app is available on, the greater the chances to generate revenue and become a well-known legit mobile application on the market.

The development and availability of the U.S. Fuel Pricing Mapping Mobile Application is yet another building block which keeps getting added onto the already established and growing mobile application industry as more companies/industries are starting to realize the value that mobile applications can have for their organizations. The mobile application industry is heading in the right direction and mobile application developers believe that this trend will continue for years to come. One mobile application developer stated “GE Capital Fleet Services did an amazing job in deciding to develop such a useful mobile application and I expect them to receive tremendous amount of success in the future with the development of their mobile application.” The future is certainly bright for both GE Capital as well as the mobile application industry as a whole.

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