New Mobile Application Released to Avoid Traffic

New Mobile Application Released to Avoid Traffic

Beat the Traffic Mobile App Rolled out in Germany

Beat the Traffic is best known as the fastest growing provider of vehicle traffic reporting solutions in the United States with over one million motorists throughout the United States and Canada who have downloaded the Beat the Traffic Mobile Application and the Beat the Traffic 3D System/software onto their Smartphone Mobile Device. The California based company recently announced that they have also developed and rolled out a Beat the Traffic mobile app in Germany. Now German motorists will have the opportunity to download and install the Beat the Traffic mobile application onto their iPhone Smartphone free of charge.

The Beat the Traffic mobile application will allow German motorists to view traffic conditions in their area on the Beat the Traffic interactive maps, and also have the ability to adjust their travel plans accordingly – saving time, fuel and frustration. The Beat the Traffic mobile application will also have additional features on it such traffic speeds, detailed accident reports, and roadwork conditions in major cities throughout Germany such as Bremen, Nurember, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Dusseldorf, Koln, Hamburg and Dormund. Beat the Traffic plans on expanding their coverage throughout Germany later this year as well as roll out the mobile application to other Smartphone platforms such as the Android, Windows Phone 7, and the Blackberry just to name a few. The mobile application development firm recently also updated the mobile app to new feature improved log-in stability, a metric system for international speeds and smoother operability.

Beat the Traffic believes that their mobile application has the chance for tremendous success in Germany due to the fact that traffic congestion is a large issue in Germany due to its dense population, central location within Europe and its growing use of motor vehicles. In fact, statistics showed that the total number of vehicles in Germany grey by nearly 200 percent between 1970 and 2009, while the country’s highway network grew by only 43 percent. Beat the Traffic President & CEO recently stated: “With our new iPhone app, German motorists no longer need to wait passively for news of a traffic accident to reach them – they can now access this information whenever and wherever they need”

Individuals who are interested in downloading the Beat the Traffic mobile application can do it Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application marketplace and non-Apple users can expect the mobile app to be available on Google’s Android Mobile App Store, Windows Mobile 7 Mobile App Marketplace and RIM’s App World within the year as well. The mobile application industry continues to reach out to different industries and expand its influence on the high-tech world; and with each new mobile application innovation that is released, our world is taking a step forward in wireless connect-ability, and wireless communication.  Many mobile application developers and mobile application “experts” believe that there is tremendous potential for the Beat the Traffic mobile app and they believe it would be a wise decision for the company to roll-out the mobile application to other countries in the world in the near future as well. More information, visit at

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