V-Soft, Inc. launches VPRMS, V-Soft Product Recall Management Software

San Jose, CA February 04, 2010:

V-Soft, Inc. the leading provider of CRM software and services announced today the launch of a recall management software solution for manufacturers and distributors. During the course of business, companies sometimes have the need to recall their products for a variety of reasons. Having to perform a product recall is both labor intensive and expensive for the manufacturer or distributor. V-Soft has developed a solution to assist organizations to effectively manage this process. The V-Soft Product Recall Management Software (VPRMS) can help a wide range of industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceutical-drugs, chemical, veterinary supplies, medical devices, and consumer goods manufacturers.

“With stringent government regulations and the need to protect brand loyalty, effective and efficient product recall management has become a critical issue for manufacturers and distributors.” quoted Frank J. Vukmanic, Senior Vice President and General Manager, V-Soft. “Immediate communication with the consignee/customer and the ability to accurately report recall progress can help control the cost of a recall. Loss of reputation and customer loyalty can sometimes be much higher than the cost of product recalls. VPRMS is a solution that addresses these concerns.” he added.

Based upon a rapid deployment SaaS software model, VPRMS can help customers easily manage and track product recall activities. Easy to use import capabilities are included to provide effortless import of consignee/customer, contact, and product data into VPRMS. Data captured in VPRMS can be exported to ERP or other systems. Reports on recall activities, inventory returned, replacement inventory requirements, and estimated accounts receivable credits are just some of the standard reports available in VPRMS.

Key features and benefits of V-Soft’s Product Recall Management Software (VPRMS) are:

  • Rapid deployment of the application
  • Secure recall data management
  • Increased operational and financial visibility
  • Comprehensive activity recall reporting
  • User-friendly application

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About V-Soft, Inc.

V-Soft, Inc. is a US based global product engineering and IT solutions provider enabling clients to transform ideas into business results. V-Soft’s range of services spans product development through product life cycle management, product recall management to customer relationship management. V-Soft is a certified reseller and implementation partner of Oracle’s CRM On Demand and Oracle Agile PLM.

Additional information about V-Soft Inc. can be found at www.v-softinc.com.

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